HD8970M - Catalyst 15.7 Windows 10 x64 Broken, BSOD

Discussion created by customer on Jul 30, 2015
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Good morning,


as the title suggests I'm having severe problems to run Windows 10 on my notebook containing a 8970M. After windows update installed the AMD display driver I got into a BSOD loop at startup, saying "Internal Power Error". After reinstalling Windows 10 and installing the latest Catalyst from the AMD website the problem reoccured. I was able to remove the driver by booting windows in safe mode. Then once again windows update installed the "HD8970M display driver" update, this time fortunately not putting me in a boot loop. However, the system still crashes randomly every 15 minutes. Additionaly, if I select Catalyst Control Center from the context menu when I rightclick the desktop, my system will instantly crash to "Internal Power Error". Also notable: Windows apparently doesn't use the internal HD4000 graphics, the icon on my notebook displaying dedicated gpu activity stays on after boot. Is there anything I can do right now to run Windows 10 without having to uninstall the graphics driver? Thank you in advance!