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    AMD Quckstream on Windows 10


      I am a Windows 10 Insider and every time a new Build comes out AMD Quickstream MUST be re-installed as It display a banner stating that the License information does not match. Clearly the Version of Windows must be tied to the License. With the final relase weeks away it would be a real smart idea for AMD Engineers to issue an update to this software NOW otherwise you are going to have MILLIONS of people complaining to you.


      Just a helpful hint. (I have the patience to deal with this and reinstall but millions won't have the file on hand or know what to do)

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          OK... I lied ! Apparently I don't have the patience needed!


          After 3 re-installs from the downloaded file (abc.exe and then 2 Uninstalls and then re-installs I get the same message over and over again. So I give up !!


          I am on Windows 10 Build 10240 released this week and I can NOT get this software to install! Please fix this.



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            Okay Gents, let's play nicely please and try to lighten up the tone when you address each other. We're all here trying to help, let's all remember that.


            Thank you for raising the issue ponyone. As the official Windows 10 launch approaches we will be releasing a newer Catalyst driver so be sure to let us know if the same problem occurs and we will investigate further

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                Thank you amdmatt. I appreciate your answer. I often find good answers from both Support technicians and other users. It is just frustrating when some post unnecessarily.


                I had just updated the Catalyst Suite to Version 15.20.1046-150622a-186192C a day or two prior to the Build update. Previously the Quickstream on all other Fast builds was able to re-install except on this one. I look forward to the next Suite update. As I have uninstalled the Quickstream... when the next Catalyst Suite is available should I do a full uninstall before?

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                  I updated the AMD Catalyst just on 06/08/2015. I installed Windows 10 on 07/08/2015.

                  And I have the message that  License information  for Amd QuickStream  does not match.

                  What can I do to repair this problème.


                  In advance I thank you for your answer.

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                    Hi, im so tired of reading and looking for stuff of how to solve this problem , I hope this get fixed soon, because I am doing a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), and my videos wont reproduce. i need to fix this ASAP!!