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AMD 15.6 Beta driver for Batman: Arkham Knight made my game totally unplayable.

Question asked by darth-tigger on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by franstone

I followed the Uninstall, and install instructions for the AMD 15.6 Beta driver for Batman: Arkham Knight.


Before I installed the update, Arkham knight was dropping a lot of frames when things got heavy, mostly when driving, flying, or fighting 5+ people.


After the patch, I can barely see anything at all. It appears that random layers such as shadows, or streetlights, or red lights from Militia outposts will set their opacity to full so that I cannot see anything else. The game is now completely unplayable.


I have tried to uninstall it, and roll back to the previous driver, but it will not fix the problem now.


Please help.