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    Request for Automatic "Post Edited" notification.


      Currently,posts can be edited with no requirement to note this.

      If possible, can a date/time be Automatically implemented into bottom of post(reason for edit optional). 

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          I'll do a little more digging, but I don't believe making the edit notation mandatory is an option. The way it appears to work is...


          * When you edit your initial post, this option appears beneath the edit box.


          Obviously, this is optional. I have also discovered this is inaccurate - there appears to be no time stamp, just your handle. (You are the only person who can edit your content, except for admins, and we almost never do that.)


          * when you edit your reply to a post, there is no such option.


          With that in mind, can you be specific in what you're asking for? Such as:

          * make this option mandatory

          * make this option available for replies

          * make it add a time stamp like it says it does

          * make the person and time stamp info static (not editable)

          * etc, all of the above, whatever.


          About the most I can do is make a feature request back to the Jive folks. I'll go poke around the configuration options and see if I can make this option default to on, but I doubt that's an option. Even if it is, all it does is add content to the message, which you can of course edit.


          (EDIT: I can find no way to modify this behavior in Jive. In a bit of recursion, I note that while editing, since this is a reply, there is no way I can add a date/time stamp to the edit, or identify who is doing the edit.)

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