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Windows 10 Upgrade path

Question asked by Cornugon on Jun 6, 2015
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So as we all know: anyone with either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 is eligible for a one-year-timed free offer of Windows 10.


When it becomes available the end of next month, people are allowed to choose to Upgrade to it right away or at a later date.

Since we all know that a CLEAN Windows installation is generally preferred over an in-place upgrade, this option will be offered as well, but only AFTER upgrading to Win 10 first (so that particular copy+key will be locked to your system, probably to try to eliminate the option of reselling those Win 10 copies). Or at least this is the most recent word on it.


The version of Windows 10 you get is dependant on your current Win 7/8.1 version. Home Premium and lower get a Home Premium Windows 10, and Professional and Ultimate users get the Professional version (with some needed additions).


And here comes my question:

At the start of this year I upgraded my Windows 7 Professional to Windows  8.1 Home Premium. And thus I'm currently eligible to the Home Premium version of Windows 10.

Naturally I should reinstall Windows 7 Pro on this system and let it upgrade to Win 10 Pro.


My ACTUAL question is: would the best route be to install Win 7 on a seperate partition, install Service Pack 1, and probably most Windows Updates, let it update to Windows 10 the end of next month, and THEN do a clean installation on my main drive using that particular version/key instead of my current Win 8.1 install? Or would it be better to reinstall 7 over my 8.1?