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HD 5750 crossfire. Which gear can i pair?

Question asked by foxkrm on Jun 6, 2015
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Hello to all community, technicians and other people too.


i have an ASUS EAH5750 Formula using ATI's 5750 radeon gpu.
This model was manufactured with different pcb circuit and stock clocking by ASUS.
In our days i cant find this model (not manufactured yet)
My inquiry is given as follows:


Can i pair this Formula (already own) with a XFX or Sapphire model that using the same chip(5750) (in many cases though, there are differences on clockings from manufacturer to manufacturer).
So, will this work as crossfire and is 100% compatible? what is your experience on that technical issue?


I'll be glad to hear any suggestion or opinion on that.

Thank you for your time,


Latest news..

To anybody that he/she can read this thread. I am finally happy cause i have another Formula in my hands (ebay - about 34€ including shipping). Anyway good news stop here.   Unfortunately Crossfire without a bridge (or 2 bridges possibly) is looking not possible. As we saw to the table above this doesn't seem to be a problem (no bridge at all). Both cards working well as single vga's so it can't be physical fault or lucking functionality. The only thing i noticed is that the "ebay" vga has one step version backwards at its BIOS. When i try to change BIOS from my original vga(latest and pre-installed from the manufacturer) to "ebay" vga (i saved and programmed it using ATIWinFlash tool), i see only black screen. Then i downgrade again (same tool) everything is fine but working on a single vga (first PCIe x16 only and not crossfire)

Any possible solution of tech gurus?

Any help appreciated



My specs (my PC with both 5750's up but without bridge connection)....Thank you.





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