Radeon r9 290x suddenly drops FPS after 5 months of high FPS. HELP!

Discussion created by lightning_guard on May 19, 2015
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So i received my AMD Radeon r9 290x video card during the Christmas of 2014 to replace my old HD 6950 series to get really high FPS on battlefield and such. After i got it i installed necessary drivers for the card and uninstalled drivers for the HD 6950 series graphics card. And man did that radeon r9 290x beat the FPS of the HD 6950 series while playing battlefield 4. I had this card for 5 months inserted into my computer running almost 120 or higher FPS on battlefield 4 ultra graphics and max everything. But last week or so i tried to play some good old Battlefield 4 and noticed that i couldn't shoot in those quick reflex moments because of visible FPS drops. So i got Fraps to see what the frames were and it was 30 FPS and fluctuating around there. I started to get worried and started to do Avast anti-virus scans (all of them) and malwarebytes scans and CCleaner scans to see if anything attacked my computer to potentially lower FPS on games. All result came back to be be clean as a whistle and no problems or PUP's. So i started to search online if any new drivers came out but the 14.12 was the most up to date one which i have. I also took out my video card to dust it off and insert it properly into my computer again and still to fix. I tried to lower settings in battlefield 4 to medium and increase of FPS to about 80. So i also tried to re-install the 14.12 Omega driver and battlefield 4 and to no prevail.So i resorted to the forums to find a solution i will list my system specs below:



Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-core processor 3.50 GHz

(Water cooled)


64 bit operating system

Motherboard: SA99FX PRO R2.0

Power supply: 950Watt

Hard drive: SSD 500GB (every things on here) and 1 TB HDD

Case: AZZA CSAZ- XT1 B Black Japanese SECC Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case


Hopefully this will be enough for the specs and please replay i tried everything now i have to consult the pros. Thx for reading!