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    Need new drivers for GtaV & The witcher 3


      Hi it's almost 2 months since gta 5 released and i can't enable msaa because there is a bug in drivers that make artifacs. And with the witcher 3 i can't use my second graphic card in crossfirex because there is no profile. Can we get a new driver that fix these issues before this games get old? Will be nice if you update drivers more frequently. And maybe a new driver "no beta"?

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          change in witcher 3 options on fullscreen from bordelless and check if crossfireX is ON. Give us info how witcher 3 is working on your crossfire. Read my post ->Witcher 3 crossfire 60% gpu utilisation (98% with AFR but horrible flicker)

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            The Witcher 3:-


            Email from CD Projekt Red Support this response is totally useless to me why are these company’s not working together as there are only two real GPU manufactures out there on PC??? This is the main reason the PC gaming industry is in such a mess. AMD really need to chance their drivers as we believe as and when! To drivers even if it a BETA not every month but just before a AAA release comes out or to fix issues as they arise . And for Nvidia drivers only make the effort for the latest GPUs on the market Kepler runs worse now to poorly written drivers or is it on propose? 

            I have just made the move from The GREEN Team a month ago from a Nvidia Titan due mainly from me purchasing a 40” 4K Display and it couldn’t drive this Resolution. So the only other Team is Team RED to a 295x2 much faster card from my Titan for sure but Drivers are so poor indeed.

            All we ask for are Drivers from both AMD & Nvidia that work for the latest AAA games on release date and Crossfire & SLI work without issues that is in a NUT shell! Not hard as we all pay a lot for our GPUs



            Re: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Windows - [2015-05-26 11:28] (*********************)

            Re: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Windows - [2015-05-26 11:28] (*********************)

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            Hello there,


            we're still waiting for drivers from AMD since they didn't provide them yet. In contrary, nvidia released their drivers on the day of the release.

            We're sorry for the inconvenience, but the only solution for now is to play in HD and wait for the AMD drivers.


            Kind regards,

            Marcin Kulikowski


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                Product: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

                Platform: Windows

                OS version: Windows 8 (64-bit)

                Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.5GHz

                Amount of RAM: 16318MB

                Graphic card: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series

                Screen resolution: 3840 x 2160 (32 bit) (60Hz)

                Driver update-date: 4/10/2015 19:58:14, 1358192 bytes


                Boxed or digital: digital

                Vendor: GOG.com

                Country: UK

                Game code: (*********************)


                User email: (*********************)

                Problem description:

                Hi, I am experiencing AMD Crossfire Issues with my 295x2 GPU when Crossfire is enabled I am getting treble screen flashing which make for a unplayable gaming experience. If I disable Crossfire the Flashing does go away but my system is running a 4K display and the drop in FPS is way too great. I am running the latest patch 1.04 which has improved performance but still not enough to run outside of crossfire. If this is a AMD GPU Driver still why didn’t you quality check The Witcher 3 running on either the 14.4 Dec 2014 or the latest 15.4 drivers so we AMD users could play the game using Crossfire as that would have been useful. I know the game is a Nvidia game but still should run on AMD hardware as well. So please can you confirm why crossfire doesn’t work thanks? Been waiting for the game for a long time… Mr (*********************)













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                this is from another thread from amd forums:


                I think its a game code problem. From patch 1.04 i see gpu utilisation goes up from 60% to ~75% in about 5 mins even standing still. Than it goes sometimes to 85%-90% when in fight. When i take a ride on a horse a few hundred meters it goes down to 56-60%. And and again the same thing over and over. You can stand in the same place still and have stable 56% or stable 75% and sometimes 80%. It pomps up gpu utilisation too slowly for some reason.

                So why is it  happening? It looks like ****  code in witcher to me mostly. Did anyone asked them about that? It's happening beside flickering on crossfire. They fix flicker and leve 56% gpu utilisation.. If you want to check it use msi afterburner (it doesnt have to be msi card, mine isnt. Its just riva tuner branding), in options->monitoring check show fps, gpu1 and gpu2 utilisation. You will see whats happening.

                Could you ask him why is it happening?


                ** no profanity please ** ray_m

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                Drivers, Drivers, Drivers. Poor Crossfire Profiles & Drivers... Pain and Simple

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                  No Crossfire Profile will not help as the CD Project Red Software Engineers need AMD drivers to work with to better optimize TW3.

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                      I use openCL for some engeenering projects (not openGL). I see how much work i have to do with my implementation to scale properly. When it's not scaling i'm not looking for better or otherr driver. I'm changing algorithm implementation untill it scales better. Drivers are bad but Its Witcher code wchich isn't scale. CDPR is looking for an excuse. Scaling is f/ck/up on nvidia too. If you written some code you'll know what i mean. There are thousands of programers and bilions programs over the word. And AMD wont do "A PROFILE" for them. It's bad lazy programming. I agree flickering is a crossfire driver/profile problem

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