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    clinfo doesn't recognize my R9 Saphire video card


      My environment consisting of Ubuntu 14.04 x64 with an AMD FX-8320 8-core CPU, an R9 290 Saphire video card and AMD APP SSDK 2.9.1 used to work flawlessly 3 mos ago. Then I needed to reinstall my Ubuntu 14.04 and restore from backup. Now, clinfo doesn't see my video card any more:


      DrWho:~-> clinfo

      Number of platforms: 1

        Platform Profile: FULL_PROFILE

        Platform Version: OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1445.5)

        Platform Name: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing

        Platform Vendor: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

        Platform Extensions: cl_khr_icd cl_amd_event_callback cl_amd_offline_devices cl_amd_hsa



        Platform Name: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing

      Number of devices: 1

        Device Type: CL_DEVICE_TYPE_CPU

        Vendor ID: 1002h





      Any help would be appreciated