AMD APP SDK 3.0 Beta now Available

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The AMD APP SDK 3.0 Beta is available.


Having explored the potential of OpenCL 2.0 via provisional OpenCL 2.0 drivers and our OpenCL 2.0 Demystified blog series, you can now dive deep with AMD’s latest offering: official OpenCL 2.0 drivers and a beta version of the AMD APP SDK 3.0.


That’s great! What does it contain, and why should I care?
AMD APP SDK 3.0 Beta provides samples that illustrate all the major new features of OpenCL 2.0 and a glimpse into the most interesting optional features. These features are already supported on recent APUs and GPUs from AMD (for a full list of supported products, see here), so you can start programming and deploying software with OpenCL 2.0 today. AMD APP SDK 3.0 Beta also supports the Bolt 1.3 library and includes new samples for the Bolt C++ AMP library.

AMD APP SDK 3.0 Beta also provides a new, web-based installer that allows you to download only what you choose, but still distribute the downloaded package locally.

Finally, AMD APP SDK 3.0 Beta includes enhanced documentation. The Getting Started Guide has been restructured to provide quick and relevant information to Windows and Linux users. The FAQ has been updated to include answers to the most pressing questions on OpenCL 2.0. The AMD OpenCL programmer’s guide – the most useful reference manual for OpenCL users – is now repurposed into two documents: the AMD OpenCL user’s guide, containing relevant OpenCL information for basic users; and the AMD OpenCL optimization guide, containing optimization guidelines for advanced users. The AMD OpenCL user’s guide has been revamped with a host of improvements (read about the improvements and provide feedback here), and the AMD OpenCL optimization guide features important updates.

That IS something! I can’t wait to get started.

Neither can we.


All said, it’s still a Beta.

And, be advised...there is one hiccup we're aware of. The Catalyst driver version 14.12 does not support OpenCL 2.0 on FirePro Graphics cards.

To work with OpenCL 2.0:

* On Radeon graphics cards, use the Catalyst Driver linked to above.

* On supported FirePro graphics cards, use the early-release driver available here. That page details the particular cards that are supported.

Your feedback will help us define and improve the quality of our GA offering.