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    Buying an AMD Puma architecture laptop/notebook with 11.6" - 14" screen size




      I am trying to find a laptop which has about 11.6" - 14" laptop with HD+ or FHD resolution (HD could be acceptable at 11.6") which has AMD beema/mullins processors. Preferably with 8+GB RAM and SSD drive with 50W/h or larger battery.


      I found out that Lenovo Yoga 2 series are perfect fit but they do not have AMD versions

      Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Multimode Ultrabook | Multimode Laptops & Ultrabooks | Lenovo US

      Also Samsung ATIV 9+ seem to provide good specs

      Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus - Superior performance in craftmanship design legacy


      Do you now any company or product which uses AMD processors and has similar specs to Lenovo Yoga 2 ? or Do I have to buy an Intel processor based machine?