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    Which GPU should we buy?




      we are doing some research about the GPU. We will try to implement

      some algorithms on the GPU. We do not know yet if the algorithms

      really fit for the GPU architecture.

      I did some research back in the year 2009 using a FireStream 9250

      with Brook+, but I noticed this model does not exist anymore.

      So what is a good card for GPU computing these days? Maybe we do not

      need the  most expensive one.

      And do we need two cards? One for GPU computing and one for the

      usage of the monitor. I remember 2009 the driver crashed many times

      doing GPU computing.


      Thanks for your help,


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          Certainly a card with GCN architecture(HD 7970 is awesome) is recommended. You can also look into recent APU offering in case you are interested. There should be equivalent to 7970 on firestream line, but not aware of it.

          No need to have an extra card, for display purpose, rather incase you are running non-graphical applications, no need of a display altogether

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            Or, if you want to use the GPU for computing only there is no sense in plugin a monitor in it. Buy a second GPU(a really small one, also from AMD for driver reasons) or use the integrated GPU of your CPU (if it has one) for displaying your desktop.