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    debuge in opencl...


      what debuger tools do you usually use?

      when i debuge the program, failed in the function clBuildProgram(...). who can help me? Thanks.

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               Before I debug a kernel, I usually use AMD APP KernelAnalyzer to compile it, and  debug others I'd just use VS. Maybe you should  improve your debug method. At first ,you should get the number of the return by clBuildProgram(), then find the error information in cl.h, and try to understand why failed. Besides, you should refer some references about Opencl, and then check the arguments of clBuildProgram(), and check the return of the function.    

              Thank you.

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              I think AMD gDEBugger is what you have seeking. It is a really nice tool for kernel level debugging.


              Earlier debugging was only supported for CPUs using GDB, but now this tool comes to help

              New version has just released, I am not sure how buggy it is. So better check out both new and old version

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              Thanks a lot!