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    Quad buffer with OpenGL


      I was reading the new Quad Buffer API documentation.

      It only seems to cover Direct3D, I assume that for OpenGL we use the existing quad buffer API support?

      Does this work on the consumer cards like the Direct3D version does?

        • Quad buffer with OpenGL

          OpenGL doesn't have (or need) an SDK as quad buffer stereo is a native part of the OpenGL (and WGL/GLX) specifications. Right now, quad buffer stereo support on OpenGL is limited to our professional (FirePro) products with a compatible display.

            • Quad buffer with OpenGL

              That sucks.

              Is there a reason quad buffer is not supported for OpenGL games on consumer GPUs?

              This also explains why none of the 3rd party drivers like iZ3D support my favourite OpenGL games...

              I would like to request OpenGL support be added so that AMD's 3D support is on par with NVIDIA's (who have supported 3D in OpenGL games for as long as I can remember).

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                  OpenGL quad buffers are enabled in NVidia's quadro drivers only, you cannot use them with GeForce. If you want to do stereovision with a GeForce you have to use direct3d + the special nvidia api for 3d vision.


                  It was possible in the past (NVidia GeForce 2 3D Revelator) but today both ATI and NVidia (with their 3d vision) disable quad buffering support in their OpenGL driver for consumer hardware. They keep it enabled in the OpenGL driver for professional hardware (FireGL and Quadro) only.

                • Quad buffer with OpenGL


                  some question are GL stereo supported outputs same as D3D ones (HD3D) i.e. work on Displayport and HDMI 1.4a 3D TVs?( of course with a FirePro card)

                  Also GL stereo support is equal in both Windows and Linux drivers?



                  • Quad buffer with OpenGL

                    Recently, I bought a AMD HD6850 video card. But, when I run the following command, no stereo visuals can be found.

                    $ glxinfo -v | grep stereo

                    You mean, the reason why I couldn't get the stereo visuals is that the video card is NOT a FirePro products?

                    Then, does AMD FirePro V4800 1G video card support quad-buffer OpenGL feature??