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    Problems with sampler2dShadow



      I have a frament shader in GLSL language and when I use getUniformLocation with a variable then the function returns -1.


      In fragment shader:

      uniform sampler2DShadow shadowVar;


      In C code:

      idVariable = getUniformLocation(shader, "shadowVar");

      idVariable is asigned -1.


      I get this problem with ATI HD 5670 cards only.

      Can anyone help me,please?

        • Problems with sampler2dShadow

          The driver will return a valid uniform location only if this uniform variable is active in the shader.

            • Problems with sampler2dShadow


              First, thank you for your answer. But I've found the problem.

              You was right. The problem was that the variable was desactived. However, the main problem was I have used sample2DShadow function. I think HD 5600 serie ATI doesn´t implement the sample2DShadow because this function is deprecated. Now, I´m using textureProj and I don´t have any problem.

              I don´t know why the GPU compiler doesn´t show any warning about the deprecated functions. Then, I could know where the problem is.


              Thank you, for your interesting.

                • Problems with sampler2dShadow

                  Do you mean there is a problem when you use shadow2DProj, but it works when you use textureProj with the sampler type - sampler2DShadow? The GPU compiler supports both functions for compatibility. Could you please show me where the problem is by pasting out your shader?


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                      I explain me better. If I have a uniform variable as this:

                      uniform sampler2D shadow;

                      and I use this varible using shadow2dProj, then getUniformLocation(shader, "shadow") function will return -1. But If I use textureProj then getUniformLocation function will return a correct id value.

                      I don´t know if this is an error ati drivers or if ati drivers don´t implement shadow2dProj. I've tried this problem with ATI RADEON HD 5670.

                      I hope my explication is better


                        • Problems with sampler2dShadow

                          It seems impossible. It's wrong to get the uniform location from the shader object by getUniformLocation(shader, "shadow"). We'd better get it by getUniformLocation(program, "shadow"). Is it a possible root cause? Anyway, we will verify it first. I appreciate that you tell me which catalyst driver you are using now.

                          • Problems with sampler2dShadow

                            I can't reproduce the problem on HD5670 for the following two cases.

                            uniform sampler2DShadow shadow;
                            uniform vec4 coord;
                            gl_FragColor = shadow2DProj(shadow, coord);
                            gl_FragColor = textureProj(shadow, coord).xxxx;

                            Please note that shadow2DProj returns vec4 while textureProj returns float. 

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                                I have the catalyst last version. Well, I have the call function into a function. This is exactly my function:

                                float lookup(

                                              in sampler2DShadow shadowMap,

                                              in vec4 shadowCoord,

                                              in float dx, int float dy,

                                              in float ratioToPixelX, in float ratioToPixelY)


                                        float shadowFactor;

                                        bool isShadow;

                                        vec4 posSample;


                                        posSample = shadowCoord +

                                                                    vec4(dx * ratioPixelX * shadowCoord.w,

                                                                             dy * rationPixelY * shadowCoord.w,

                                                                             0., 0.);

                                      //if (textureProj(shadowMap, posSample) != 1) // Is ok,

                                      if (shadow2DProj(shadowMap, posSample).w != 1.)   //Is bad.

                                            shadowFactor = 1.;


                                            shadowFactor = 0.;


                                     return shadowFactor;


                                If you want, you will be able to put all your code and so I could probe your version in my computer. So We could know if your program run ok in my computer.