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    CCC 10.3 issues

      Need to get rid of this horrible new CCC back to 10.2 CCC


      Is there a way to get rid of dumb&dumbers CCC 10.3 back to CCC10.2 user friendly CCC ?

      I have had over 100 complains about this new CCC layout since yesterday "24th driver released"

      Is there a vpu recover option anywhere available for CCC 10.3 or not ?

      Why once a year AMD has to make a major stuff up like this new CCC layout ? or the 5850 pricing ?

      Is it the management that needs to get their idea in and the rest of AMD/ATI has to accept it just to upset all the AMD/ATI customers ?

      Yes the CCC needs help in the 9.4 to 10.2 CCC versions but not like this come on AMD, stop chasing away customers.

      Please fix this HORRIBLE CCC10.3 layout.