Using Discussions and Questions

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Using Discussion and Questions in Your Community

Use discussions to ask questions or introduce new ideas to the community.


Discussions are a quick way to get an answer to a question or feedback on an idea. You can attach a file or insert an image, video, or code example into a discussion to better explain your question or idea.


To start a new discussion, click Create --> Discussion and then select the space where you want the discussion to live. Make sure to check the box Mark this discussion as a question (it may already be checked depending on the defaults set up by your community administrator). If you don't initially mark the discussion as a question, you'll have 15 minutes to change your mind after you post (the default is 15 minutes; your community administrator may change that setting). Within that time, you'll see a link to change your mind in the discussion post.


Discussion Best Practices

  • By marking discussions as questions, you can easily keep track of unanswered questions in a space by using the Unanswered Questions widget on the space's home page.
  • If someone replies to your question with useful information, it's good practice to mark their reply as either Helpful or Correct. That way, others who have the same question can quickly see which replies are the most useful. A Helpful reply is on the right track, while a Correct reply answered your question. Correct and Helpful answers earn status points for their creators.
  • Tag discussions so that others can search for and benefit from them later.


Participating in Community Content and Discussions

Helpful Reply vs. Correct Reply

Flat and Threaded View Styles