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Document created by tdobbins on Jan 21, 2012
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HTML Editing (in theContent Editor)

The content editor's HTML feature allows you to edit your document in HTML.


Click the HTML link in the editor's toolbar when you want to write directly in HTML. When you're finished, you can toggle back to the default editor view by clicking Show Full Editor. 


Some kinds of HTML markup can cause the site to be less secure. For this reason, certain HTML tags aren't supported by default. When you use these tags in the code macro, Jive will remove them before displaying the content. You can include them and they'll be saved, but they won't render when someone views your content.


Here's a list of what's not supported:

          Tags: <embed>, <html>, <head>, <iframe>, <link>, <meta>, <object>, <script>, <style>

          Attributes: action, class, method, on* (such as onClick), *sr