Working With Tables

Document created by tdobbins on Jan 21, 2012
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Working with Tables (in the Content Editor)

The content editor's table feature allows you to create and manipulate tables. Create a new table by clicking the table icon and selecting the number or rows and columns you want.


Once you've got the table in place, use the gear icon to move around or add/remove rows and columns. To format individual cells, rows, or columns, click in a cell and wait for the format table popup to appear. When it does, click it and then select the item you want to format (a cell, row, or column). You can designate and format headers, change the color of text, lines, and background, and customize many other settings. Note that when you change the header setting while making changes in a column, only the header for that column will change, not all of the headers.


In addition, changing the color of text from the table format popup changes the default text color setting for the selected cell, row, or column. To make text color changes that you don't want to apply as a default to the cell, row, or column, use the text color icon in the editor's toolbar. When you are finished formatting your table, simply click away from it and continue editing your document.