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Document created by tdobbins on Jan 21, 2012
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Searching For Content with Predictive Searching

Let Jive finish your thought. With predictive searching, when you start typing in the Search field (located in the top right corner), Jive returns the most closely related items found while searching everything in your community. You can pick from the list, or press Enter to get all matching results that can be further sorted to find what you need. After you press Enter, you'll have the option to refine your search to a specific space, project, group, or person. Direct messages and status updates are searchable. You can also choose a search timeframe.


Top 3 Ways to Make Your Search More Accurate:

Most of the time, you just want to find content that has a particular phrase. Here are the three easiest steps to get what you want:

  1. Enclose your search phrase in quotes.
    A search for "black cat" is going to return content with the phrase "black cat". (If it's in there, of course.)
  2. Choose the space where the content lives.
    Choose a value from the "where" dropdown list. When you pick a space from the list, your search will return results only from that space.
  3. Choose the time period during which the content you're looking for was last changed.
    Choose a value from the "when" dropdown list. Was it within the last month? Last year?