Rating or Liking Content

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Rating or Liking Content

Rate or like content so others know it's useful.


Good content deserves attention. You can help improve the popularity of a blog post, discussion, document, or other type of content by rating or liking it. Popularity determines whether a piece of content is promoted in certain content widgets, for example, the Top Liked Content and Top Rated Content widgets. The more people who view, like, and award 3- to 5-star ratings to a piece of content, the more popular it becomes. In addition, when you like something, status points are awarded to the content's creator.


To like something:

  1. Click the Like link. Notice the like counter increments by one.
  2. Click on the like counter to see who else liked the content. Likes also contribute to status rankings for the person who created the content, and content with likes will be showcased under Latest Likes and Latest Acclaim in the Activity stream.


To rate something:

  1. Click the stars beneath My Rating at the end of a document, blog post, or other type of content. You'll see the ratings counter increment by one and the average number of stars that content has received.