What Matters: Actions

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What Matters: Actions

What Matters: Actions shows you information that's explicitly related to what you might need to get done.


Your What Matters:Actions area is focused on just what it sounds like: things you need to consider acting on.

  • Action Alerts include administrative actions within Jive such as group membership approvals.
  • Notifications are system updates that may affect your working patterns in the community;
  • Tasks are work items that have been assigned to you within the community task-tracking interface.


For example, you might get an Action Alert if you need to approve a document. You might get a notification when someone new starts following your activity.  And you'll get a Task alert when a new task is assigned to you.


Use the following quick tips to use Actions effectively:

  • You can create tasks from the Tasks page, but you need to use the Create menu to add a project.

  • To see your assigned tasks in chronological order, toggle to Flat View. Toggle to Grouped View to see

    subtasks filed under tasks. To filter them by project, use the Project filter.


NOTE:  All of these features may not be availalbe to you at this time.