• My Ryzen 5 3600 sometimes doesn't post

    Ever since I built my PC ac couple months ago it sometimes fails to post with a RED CPU light on the mobo, however I figured troubleshooting this might be a bit of a pain since it fails to post roughly 3/10 times, obi...
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  • Autodesk Maya doesn't work well in uvs

    Please, check that with autodesk! Some funcions of maya doesn't work. // Error: Unfold3D process error. //
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  • Isn't it time for AMD to pull Intel's shorts over their head again with a 128 bit processor? Wide is faster than fast. We proved it at Boeing in the 80s.

    Kray's fastest computer at the time was 0.6 G Flops.  Boeing's B1B flight simulator came in at 1.2 G flops.  Boeing went wide.  Kray went fast.
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  • Ryzen 5 3600 is temps. normal?

    Hi, I have just bought a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and B450-F Gaming MBO. I get idle temps at 45-60 degrees (most around 55) and 75-80 degrees while playing PUBG and CS GO. Is this normal?
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  • Ryzen 5 2400G system freezing after a while - only REISUB is working - no problems with external graphic card

    Following my complete bootlog. I tried it with suse and ubunt actual versions. Always the same behaviour , the system is freezing after a while.  For me it looks like a hardware failiour. I dont have any proble...
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  • Swapping stock cooler ripped out CPU

    I just got done trying to change coolers on my 2700x. After removing the latches, the heat sink would not pull off the CPU with a normal amount of force. I slighted turned the cooler to the left and right to try to br...
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  • I can't open the Threadripper 1920x packaging. I tried to rotate counter-clockwise as instructed, but even with great force I could not open? Any other way to open?

    I can't open the Threadripper packaging 1920x. I tried to rotate counter-clockwise as instructed, but even with great force I could not open? Any other way to open? Is there a relatively safe way to hard open it with ...
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  • Threadripper 1950X Suddenly Wont Boot

    I have a Gigabyte AORUS Gaming 7 with a Threadripper 1950x that was working for almost a year. Tried to start it up and it will not even post. The board immediately shows CPU light and post code of D0. I have a 1000 w...
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  • Amd raid red hat on gigabyte b450m

    Hello guys ,   I tried to install Raid 0 on red hat 7 but when I open the O.S to choise de the raid 0 with both SSD to install the S.O that I created before on configuration of Raid , it doesn't apear to me make...
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  • Problems waking PC from sleep

    I just swapped my intel core i5 for a Ryzen 3700x with the Gigabyte Aorus Elite x570 mb and I'm having some system instability issues. Specifically, my PC sometimes does not wake properly from sleep: the case and cpu ...
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  • Latency Issues

    My pc is broken, i have Micro-freeze/stuttering in games.... How to fix this AMD.....? My System: Windows 10 Pro 1909 + all updates Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.2.2 Recommended (WHQL) AMD Chipset Drivers ...
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  • upgraded my cpu to 3700x now blue screens and game crash

    Hi i just upgraded my cpu a few weeks ago from 2700 to 3700x and first everything works fine but now i have random bluescreens and game/ benchmark crashes. i had blue screen like: irql not less or equal, memory manage...
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  • Ryzen 5 3600 stuck at 3.9

    Ryzen 3600 stuck at 3.9 Ghz. PBO is on. Motherboard is ASUS TUF B450 PLUS GAMING with latest BIOS. Any suggestions?
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  • linux boot hangs on ryzen 3700x in dell aurora 10

    hi,   trying to install linux (tried ubuntu 20.04 and opensuse thumbleweed) on dell aurora r10 ryzen editiion. both bootable images are hanging and screwing display after displaying output on cpu patchlevel micr...
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  • GA-AB350 Board Won't Boot w/ A6-9500E APU

    Can't get my motherboard to boot. I have tried 2 different APU's. Ryzen 3 3200G is the first A6-9500E was the latest   Motherboard: GA-AB350-Gaming SN172000012399 Memory: HyperX HX424C15FB2K2/16  (plugge...
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  • firestick tv

    I have a Lenovo laptop with AMD A9 - 9410 Radeon R5 processor, I want to mirror the computer to my tv through the Firestick but it never connects. I have tried looking a little deeper and have found this chip is not s...
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  • Ryzen 3400G - Black screens, freezing, graphical glitches, etc.

    Hi, I have been having all kinds of problems since I assembled this new computer for my wife I'm running out of ideas and wondering if something is defective.   We've been using the computer for a week and issue...
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  • 3900x white led on 3 different motherboards with different hardware.

    My 3900x won't even get to BIOS/UEFI. I'm stuck at the white led forever.   I tried:  Cycling the PSU (EVGA Supernova G2 650w on the two builds - two different GPUs). Checking pins / Re-applying thermal p...
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  • Ryzen 3950X High Idle Temps, Core #0 Always at 100%

    Ryzen 3950X, Core #0 always at 100%, idle temp high, likely due to that. ~~~ System Configuration: Motherboard: AORUS X570 Master BIOS: F11, Dec2019 CHIPSET DRIVER:, Mar2020 RAM: 2 x 16GBs GSkill PC3...
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  • Are there any known eDPC issues for Epyc 7302P processors?

    We may be having issues with some ill-behaved NVMe SSDs, not sure if our BIOS settings are tuned to give us the best possible eDPC safety.
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