• how to force max tempe RX480 in latest Radeon Software

    Hello, i am using latest Radeon Software and i can't seem to force the GPU to throttle once it reaches 65ªC. I remember being able to do this on the older Crimson Relive driver. Now the current drivers look ...
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  • 5700xt Apex Legends (and many other games) Embarassing Performance

    Hello, I'm seriously thinking about shipping back my 5700XT Nitro+ and switching to Nvidia counterpart. But I wanna try some more things before surrendering. Buying the 5700XT has been embarassingly frustrating but I...
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  • 5120 x 1440 not supported on R9 Fury

    Hi.   I've just purchased a Samsung CRG9 monitor (5120 x 1440) and I have been struggling to get it to work at its native resolution.   I have tried both the display port cable that came with the monitor a...
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  • No Crossfire Profiles in 20.5.1?

    Hello people.. I'm new to Crossfire.. using 2x Asus RX 580 OC Dual 8GB (got the 2nd one nearly for free and thought about to give it a try because I cant afford a new GPU) .. I know, there are not that much games supp...
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  • Projecting to this PC is grayed out

    I install windows 10 via boot camp assistance on my mac.  I have iMac late 2017 - 27 inches with Radeon 5700 Pro graphic card. The problem I have is I can easily project my windows desktop from my mac machine t...
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  • HDCP disable

    Any tips on how to get HDCP working on my system?  When I look at my settings in AMD Radeon Pro under my monitor it shows "Current HDCP Status: Disabled".  I've tried different driver sets including 18.Q3, 1...
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  • Gigabyte RX 5600 XT Does Not Support 14 Gbps BIOS

    Per AMD's announcement this week, several models of the RX 5600 XT were listed as update-able to 14 Gbps Graphics Memory Speed: https://www.amd.com/en/graphics/amd-radeon-rx-5600-xt-14gps-models    One of ...
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  • Have you been a victim of a Gigabyte RX 590 "" Bait and Switch Purchase online? If so what action did you take? Thanks.

    Hi.   I recently purchased what was advertised as a Gigabyte RX 590 GPU.  It showed the Technical Specifications and pictures of a Gigabyte RX 590 REV 1.0 GPU shown here: https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-C...
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  • Can't Use/Apply Custom Resolutions..?

    Just wondering how I can actually "use" or apply the Custom Resolutions created in Radeon there... I created a Resolution (2560x1080), which is supported by the monitor (I used it on my old GPU) and yet I can't just c...
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  • I get atio6axx.dll App Crash in every game on Geforce Now after I updated the driver.

    I have been using geforce now on my windows 7 computer. With amd sempron 145t processor and ati radeon hd 4650. It used to work fine, not perfect but fine. At least I did not get crashes. I decided to update the drive...
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  • Flicker/glitching on desktop on driver 19.11.1 (Radeon VII)

    Hi, I'm getting flickering/glitching on the desktop in Windows 10 on driver 19.11.1 - also had the problem on the previous (non-beta) drivers. Everything is fine when in games, it's just when using things like Firef...
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  • Hello! I have AMD Readeon HD 2600 PRO. I have windows 10 but that graphics card driver doesnt have win 10 release. what do i do

    Hello! I have AMD Readeon HD 2600 PRO. I have windows 10 but that graphics card driver doesnt have win 10 release. what do i do
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  • Rx 5700 xt apex legends quality

    hi everyone, so for some reason when i turn off the antialiasing in apex legends the quality is so bad nad im trying to change from the amd adrenalin software to make it look better bu without results, so i need some ...
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  • Radeon 530 causes page fault in non paged area error while installation(atikmdag.sys)

    After a sudden crash (BSoD) during gaming srttrail.txt error was shown and then I clean Installed Windows 10 using a windows media creation tool and then updated Lenovo recommended drivers(Lenovo ideapad 320). My inte...
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  • Random GPU Usage Drop

    GPU 3D suddenly down to 10% and FPS Drop to 1 FPS 5-60 Second and can take longer while playing minecraft how do i fix this? My CPU Ryzen 5 2500u GPU Usage
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  • High Profile Bracket for WX3100 in Europe/Germany?

    Hi, unfortunately I can't find the High Profile mounting bracket of my WX3100 anywhere. Can anyone tell me, where I can purchase these in Europe/Germany?   Regards Mike
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  • Rx 5700 XT Black screen fixed but games/video still freeze

    Been dealing with the black screen issue since January and in a recent driver update, the black screen issue had been fixed.  Lately, though, in games and videos (movies, youtube, etc) the video will just freeze ...
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  • RX590 Wrong Memory Clock in GPUZ, AMD Radeon Software

    Radeon Software and GPU-Z and Radeon Bios Editor report GDDR5 2000MHz on my RX590. However, speed is 256GB/s. According to datasheet of memory chip K4G80325FB-HC25 which is on my RX560, the memory timing is 0.25ns. 1/...
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  • System has detected a link failure and cannot set the requested resolution - Samsung CFG70 with RX 580

    Hello Everyone,   First time posting here, so forgive me if this issue has been resolved already.  I recently bought a Samsung CFG70 monitor (27-inch version) and I have been pairing it with a Sapphire RX 5...
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  • Radeon RX 590 link failure

    I have been using my gigabyte gpu with the Radeon RX 590 and about two weeks in I started getting this notification.              The system has detected a...
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