• amd 540

    Can AMD 540 get additional Feature because i can`t even get ReLive on AMD Software Adrenaline 19.4.1. I want Some other Feature for Gaming. Can we expect this or not...
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  • #Radeon 540 Throttling

    Hi,My name is Jenis Sanghani. I also have Lenovo 330S-15IKB D(81F5).I Couldn`t Finding Proper Solluion right Now.My Graphics Card Support PCIe 3.0 x8 Bus While it running x4 so maybe little Frame drop but Major Prob...
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  • RX 5700 Blackscreen possible solution !

    Hey, i'm using 5700XT in Witcher 3. Had huge problems with blackscreens ingame. Found a solution for my case. I played the game in maxed out graphics settings. Had the idea to turn down to minimum all graphics setti...
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  • Best Solutioin GPU Graphic for Virtualization with VMware

    Hello, I'm looking for a graphical solution for virtualization with VMware Horizon View. Users profile is Office, Internet Browsers, Autocad 2D and Google Maps. The number of users is 30. I've seen the V34...
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  • Radeon 5700XT microstutter in different games

    @AMD PLEASE READ   Hi there,   I am writing because I spent three weeks trying to fix the microstutter from my new GPU. I switched from a perfectly working 1070 to a 5700XT reference design and I am having...
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  • RX 580 FPS drops in a brand new build

    Hi,   I recently bought a brand new PC, i'll post the full spec below, with an RX 580.  Installed both borderlands 3 and Outer worlds and notices that while they ran smoothly most of the time both games had...
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  • RX Vega 56 LOCK frequency SoC/MEM/Core

    Hello. ran into an unpleasant problem with my graphics card Sapphire RX Vega 56 Pulse. in version drivers Adrenalin 2019 (19.X.X) my video memory / gpu core frequencies freeze - mostly frequencies fre...
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  • rx 570 turns off

    when minimizing or closing the game, the video card turns off (I think due to overheating, since when the system reboots, the cooler turns on 100%, but the temperature in game is 70)
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  • radeon vii cant show 1440p on my 4k screen.

    hi everone.  i have a sapphire radeon vii and a benq 4k 100hz monitor that i use for gaming. when i had my gtx1060 i could use the monitor at 1440p but after i got the radeon vii i suddenly can't use 1440p anym...
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  • Stable 60 fps feels like 30 fps

    Hello! I just switched from my geforce 1050ti to rx 590, and I am having an issue in some games. Even if FPS sky rockets up to 300 gameplay is not smooth, it looks like frame skipping or smth like that, even at locked...
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  • Radeon 5700 xt PCIE 4.0 screen goes black and restarts.

    Hello everybody!   I have issues with my new system and the Radeon 5700 xt when running it on PCIE 4.0.   When the GPU is under load by games or benchmarks, suddenly the screen turns black and the whole sy...
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  • RX590 driver / GPU hung crash in multiple games (Fifa20, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and possibly Gears of War 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2)

    Hey,   I feel like every since WattMan has been introduced I've been experiencing weird crashes in multiple games. I actually don't remember seeing any of this with my Radeon 590 graphics card before WattMan. &#...
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  • Flicker/glitching on desktop on driver 19.11.1 (Radeon VII)

    Hi, I'm getting flickering/glitching on the desktop in Windows 10 on driver 19.11.1 - also had the problem on the previous (non-beta) drivers. Everything is fine when in games, it's just when using things like Firef...
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  • RX 5700 BSOD and PCIE issue

    I bought myself an GIGABYTE RX 5700 GAMING OC 8G, I could not start the computer without dancing with a tambourine, it rebooted itself during the game. We managed to fix the problem by changing the Gen Switch value fr...
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  • hardware specification for FirePro S10000

    My GPU card not detected from my hardware - Lenovo D30 Model 4353 - which coming with 2 PCIe x16 Gen. 3.0. Can any help?
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  • My 5700XT crashes every time I run World of warships

    As the title says, my newly bought gigabyte 5700XT crashes every time I run world of warships.   The pc is still running, I can Alt+tab from the game and continue using it normally for a couple of minutes, and t...
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  • RX 5700 Video TDR Failure

    Let's start with my rig:   Asus TUF B450-PLUS GAMING mobo   32GB Hyperyx Predator ram (3200mhz used at 3000mhz.)   Ryzen 7 2700x   Sapphire RX 5700   FSP Hyper 700   &#...
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  • No signal on Radeon RX570

    Hi , i haven't used my pc in like 2 weeks because i had to move somewhere else , and today i could play some games , i thought. When i started my pc , monitor said ''No Signal" i tried switching the hdmi cable , try a...
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  • Problems with AMD Radeon R8 M445DX

    Hello.   I recently bought the notebook dell Inspiron 5565 That for what I understand, works with two graphics cards. The "AMD Radeon R8 M445DX" and the " AMD Radeon R7".   The problem I have is that I do ...
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  • hp amd 580 recommended psu?

    Hello, i bought a hp amd 580 graphic card. i was wondering what is the recommended wattage it needs. i tried looking online and i didn't see anything about that graphic card.      UPC: 758182667282...
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