• AMD fires back at 'Super' NVIDIA with Radeon RX 5700 price cuts

      MD unveiled its new Radeon RX 5700 line of graphics cards with 7nm chips at E3 last month, and with just days to go before they launch on July 7th, the company has announced new pricing. In the "spirit" of com...
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  • Destiny 2 Doesn’t Currently Run on Ryzen 3000 CPUs, but a Fix Is Coming

    If you’re a Ryzen 3000 owner (or planning to be in the near future), be advised — Bungie’s popular Destiny 2 MMO doesn’t currently run on AMD’s latest CPU. It’s not clear why this i...
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  • HP Omen AMD Upgrades

    Hey so HP left me in the dust and won't confirm nor deny if the later AM4 processors like the Ryzen 7 and 9 series will work in my HP Omen 880-010z.  If anyone has been successful in upgrading they desktops, plea...
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  • Kaspersky Products Leak Everything You Do Online

    Kaspersky Labs does not enjoy the best reputation. The company has been linked to Russian intelligence, the Department of Homeland Security has banned its use in government computers, and Best Buy will not sell its pr...
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  • Why 110-Degree Temps Are Normal for AMD’s Radeon 5700, 5700 XT

    AMD has published a blog post discussing how temperatures and thermals are calculated on its Navi GPUs. There has been some concern in the enthusiast community about the temperatures posted by reference cards, given t...
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  • Looking for the last driver on sata controller to be able to run in ACHI mode

    Hi all,   I have a processor AMD PHENOM II X4 820 PROCESSOR 2.8 GHZ and I am looking for the last driver for my sata controller to be able to run it in ACHI mode
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  • AMD StoreMi will it work with my m.2 and Seagate FireCuda 2 TB 2.5" 5400RPM Hybrid Internal Hard Drive

    trying to work out if its worth buying a hybrid drive to run on my new Ryzen 5 3600 build using a Crucial P1 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive  with a Seagate FireCuda 2 TB 2.5" 5400RPM Hybrid Internal Hard...
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  • Why there is no response from AMD team?

    So many people on this forum have been complaining that they've driver issues on new windows 10 1903, none of the AMD people bothered to look at it let alone solve it. What's up with this attitude guys? Do you really ...
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  • Setting up AMD hardware RAID

    Ryzen 2400G on ASUS B450M motherboard. Win 10 64 and apps are on a SATA SSD, data on two 8TB HDDs tthat are RAID-1 mirrored via Storage Space. I had used (and preferred) hardware RAID on previous Intel systems, but wh...
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  • Logitech Options (LogiOptionsMgr.exe) crashes on a new platform (R3900X/X470)!

    Hello! Couple of days ago I assembled my new PC. Here are the specs: Asus Crosshair VII Hero WIFI (bios 2501) AMD Ryzen 3900X Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB 3000MHz CL15 Samsung SSD NVMe 970PRO 512GB Windows 10 1...
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  • Problem with CPU cooling

    I am using a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU with Wraith Prism cooler on MSI MPG X570 motherboard. Fan configuration is PWM. Hardware monitor in BIOS shows CPU fan speed of 270 rpm (sometimes 0 rpm). BIOS test with 'full speed'...
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  • as soon as I launch Cs:Go my crash game since the 19.7.5 update why ?

    as soon as I launch Cs:Go my crash game since the 19.7.5 update why ?
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  • Why does the product verification tool give me a password and email do not match error? I am using the same login info as AMD rewards

    I recently purchased an RX590 and installed it in my pc.  Installed the card, created an AMD rewards account and downloaded the product verification tool, but I am unable to run the tool as I constantly get an em...
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  • What max length extender cable will PCIE 4.0 work with?  Will current PCIE gen 3 extenders work on gen 4?

    PCIE gen 4 is coming out with the new x570 motherboards, and I have seen on the web quite a few conversations bringing up gen 4's increased susceptibility to resistance over longer cable routes compared to gen 3. ...
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  • Laptop can not boot from USB stick

    My Toshiba laptop goes to Windows 10 login directly even after I set the first boot device to USB in BIOS. It is a Windows 10 install disk.
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  • Video Wall [8 Tv's]

    Hi Everyone,   I'm trying to construct a video wall with the use of 8 flat screen tv's. I have tried a splitter but had no luck since the video was only duplicated. From there on I was able to try using the...
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  • Error : IBS profiling is disabled in your BIOS

    I want to analyze my CPU with profiller, i choose IBS OP Samples and run it. But then show the error message "Error : IBS profiling is disabled in the BIOS settings". I go to my BIOS setting, but i dont find IBS in my...
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  • New Intel Flaw Exposes Secrets on Windows Machines: What to Do

    Exploit bypasses all previous speculative-execution fixes:LAS VEGAS — Microsoft last month secretly fixed a serious security flaw in Intel chips that could have reversed all the fixes made by either company in t...
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  • AMD and the history of iGPU

    Despite what I thought I knew about pc in general, it was news to me until very recently that AMD pioneered the concept and execution of integrated graphics. I feel like that's kind of a big deal and something most co...
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  • I swear i'm going to move over to nvidia

    Every time I go to record or save an instant replay I get green screens, for example. Earlier it was working fine, no issues in the video. An hour later it decides to become a green screen, The only solution to this i...
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