• Cryengine Releases Neon Noir, Real Time Ray-Tracing Demo

    The ray tracing built into Cryengine 5.5 is hardware and API agnostic.  Meaning, it doesn't require Microsoft DXR to work and by extension then the RTX cores on NVidia cards.  This can bring real time ray tr...
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  • AMD fires back at 'Super' NVIDIA with Radeon RX 5700 price cuts

      MD unveiled its new Radeon RX 5700 line of graphics cards with 7nm chips at E3 last month, and with just days to go before they launch on July 7th, the company has announced new pricing. In the "spirit" of com...
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  • How can i recover my email, contacts from Gmail?

    I know that Google takeout can help me to take a backup of email & contact but how? Anyone know about step by step process...!
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  • upgrade/update my p7-1414 with AMD A8-5500 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics

    Want to know what I it is i need to get for this pc to play online games without the tearing and crashing on steam. Sorry if i posted this in the wrong section or if i forgot to include some info    Thanks
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  • Problem Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.1.2

    Hi AMD, i use AMD Radeon RX570. I already install The Last Driver Software, but still can not play Dead Or Alive 6. When i start the game, the force closed, and I used driver Adrenalin 2020 Edition 19.12.2 the game ca...
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  • pc keep restarting after i play any game

    my pc keep restarting after i launch a game, i have a ryzen 5 3600, sapphire rx 5700 xt, 16GB RGB OLOy ddr4 ram, MSi tomahawk b450 max, 120 gb ssd, 1tb hdd 3 rgb fans.
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  • Bye Bye X570

    I have been so frustrated with my MSI X570-a PO that I have now removed it and I have gone back to my X470 Gaming Plus board.   The X470 works properly but I bought the X570 for performance reasons. I am now of ...
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  • The perils of running Windows 10 on a 4K monitor

    The perils of running Windows 10 on a 4K monitor - gHacks Tech News    As you may know already, I bought a brand new 4K monitor from LG last month to improve my productivity further and check out how good, ...
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  • Confirm Correct Driver Download

    Hi. I am not a pro at this, but I managed to build my own PC. It has an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (that's what it says on the box). I need to confirm that I am downloading the correct driver. Is this link the correct driver?&...
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  • Just because I bought your gpu does not give you the right to install crap on my pc

    You need to make a basic driver available for those who do not want your crap. I do not need you to organise my games, I do not need your help with streaming, I do not need to be advertised at. I do need you to make t...
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  • Future of Radeon Rays/CUDA alternative

    What is the future development of Radeon Rays? Will it have realtime raytracing and denoising library implemented like RTX?   Also, could you create Radeon Rays to be base for computational API?   Otoy's ...
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  • NSA finds major security flaw in Windows 10, free fix issued

    The National Security Agency has discovered a major security flaw in Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system that could let hackers intercept seemingly secure communications. But rather than exploit the flaw for its o...
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  • Do the new Ryzen processors support 4k Blu Ray playback?  (i.e. do they have the DRM instruction sets?)

    Greetings, In order for the new 4k Blu Ray drives to work, the CPU needs a special instruction set.  This instruction set has been available on 7th gen Intel CPUs.  However I am wondering if the new AMD pro...
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  • Remove black bars from ingame moments?

    I'm using the radeon software to replay my ingame moments. I play 4:3 stretched ingame, and my clips have the black bars. How do I remove the black bars from my clips? NVIDIA has an option and I believe the older amd ...
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  • Does A88X-Pro support NVMe SSD as Boot Device?

    BIOS version 2603. Adapter M.2 to PCI-e. SSD e.g. Samsung 960 Evo / Pro.
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  • Ryzen 5 2400 G, automatically set back to a low resolution

    I can set the resolution to 2560x1080 after I install the Radeon Software and everything seems good under this setting. But it always rolls back to 1280x1024 automatically when I restart my PC. Any idea as to why that...
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  • Windows 10 update broken

    About a year ago give or take I had a forced Windows 10 home update, it was a failed update I tried to revert back to previous version of Windows 10 and it said it couldn't do that,to avoid having to do a clean instal...
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  • Stuck on white LED, why does my motherboard boot every second time?

    (New build) When i go to turn on my computer for the first time, i press the power button, the case lights up, fans start running, no display, the motherboard QLED light cycles from Yellow(DRAM), to Red(CPU), to White...
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  • Intel Discontinues Some Cascade Lake CPUs to Fight Off AMD’s Epyc

    When Intel launched Cascade Lake, it heavily segmented the CPU family depending on its various features. This isn’t a new strategy for Intel; the company has long broken its various enterprise capabilities into ...
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  • Please read before you post in this forum

    WELCOME TO THE GENERAL DISCUSSION FORUM   Use this space to post questions and discussions related to AMD that do not fit into the other forums. For example; game promotions, benchmark scores, etc.   &#...
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