• Help with my new mini ITX PC

    Good morning my name is Javi and I need help with my new mini ITX PC. Let's start: 1.- A few days ago I bought an Amazon for my birthday: +++ Ryzen 5 3400G +++ 2 of HyperX Predator HX432C16PB3A / 8 - RAM (D...
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  • Post Your Cinebench R20 Scores Here

    So, Cinebench R20 has been released through the Microsoft and Apple stores Cinebench R20 Released - ONLY through Microsoft & Apple stores so let's get to posting a good set of scores. They (Maxon) said it takes 8x...
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  • Intel fires former AMD CVP Ari Rauch, VP & GM of Intel Visual and Parallel Compute Group

    Guess Intel found someone other than Raja to blame for Xe's problems. Something tells me he won't be welcome back at AMD, although it's not like he could do any worse than Adrenaline 2020...       ht...
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  • Ryzen 5 2400 G, automatically set back to a low resolution

    I can set the resolution to 2560x1080 after I install the Radeon Software and everything seems good under this setting. But it always rolls back to 1280x1024 automatically when I restart my PC. Any idea as to why that...
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  • Cryengine Releases Neon Noir, Real Time Ray-Tracing Demo

    The ray tracing built into Cryengine 5.5 is hardware and API agnostic.  Meaning, it doesn't require Microsoft DXR to work and by extension then the RTX cores on NVidia cards.  This can bring real time ray tr...
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  • your CPU is not running on full speed: CPU throttling detected".  How to turn off??

    Hey all.   Im getting a warning onscreen from a software im using: "your CPU is not running on full speed: CPU throttling detected".   I tried the usual of going into power settings in Win 10 64bit and cha...
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    Hello guys. i just got the XFX RX580 8gb. till now i used a 1060 Asus OC DUAL 6gb with dual monitors! now with the RX i have to use a vga-DP adapter and any time i game into a game, the 2nd monitor doesnt work properl...
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  • GPU USAGE %100

    Hİ I have rx 580 4gb and ryzen 3 2200g vega ı have lag problem in Battlefield 5 and Detroit become human  when ı play that games my cpu or gpu usage be %100 .But my computer can run this game . People playing th...
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  • Remove black bars from ingame moments?

    I'm using the radeon software to replay my ingame moments. I play 4:3 stretched ingame, and my clips have the black bars. How do I remove the black bars from my clips? NVIDIA has an option and I believe the older amd ...
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  • What happens when you run an M-key NVMe at PCIe x1

    So like a monumental moron I am, as I would have done this long ago, today I saw that my PCIe x1 slots on my motherboard were open on the right side, and amazingly my Intel 660P works perfectly in that slot, albeit at...
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  • 5 popular Windows 10 settings tweaks you need to quit using (Firmware (BIOS) updates, Page File, Telemetry, Defragging, & Registry Cleaners)

    5 popular Windows 10 settings tweaks you need to quit using | ZDNet    The longer you've used Windows the more likely you are to have built up a collection of tips and tricks for squeezing out extra performa...
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  • AMD Support wont let me obtain my rewards

    I purchased an AMD Radeon RX 580, which I have installed on my mac mini as an eGPU. I sent screenshots of my purchase receipt from amazon. I send screenshots of my mac detecting the RX 580 as an eGPU. I even sent a pi...
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  • Assassin creed Odyssey Fate of atlantis DLC crashed

    When I play normal assassin creed odyssey is worked but when I try play Fate of Atlantis DLC it's crashed   Rx5700 Adrenalin 2019 edition ver:19.10.1
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  • AMD Adrenaline software and Ryzen Master not showing numbers but instead... letters..

    Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone got this weird glitch and whats the fix for it.. thanks!
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  • Unexplained PC(New Build) Crashes

    (This is a copy of from another forum trying to figure all this out. I was told by Microsoft support to contact Manufactures.) So to start off with, the PC is a New Build, Specs are : CPU -AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 3.7GH...
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  • Unremovable malware found preinstalled on low-end smartphone sold in the US  Malwarebytes said it found malware pre-installed on Unimax U673c handsets, sold by Assurance Wireless (Virgin Mobile) in the US.

    Article: Unremovable malware found preinstalled on low-end smartphone sold in the US | ZDNet    Low-end smartphones sold to Americans with low-income via a government-subsidized program contain unremovable ...
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  • menu freezing with 590 fatboy

    on multiple games the menu will just freeze and wont refresh unless i leave the window and open it back up. how do i fix this?
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  • AMD Responds to Recent Game Bundle Redemption Issues, Promises Fix

    Hopefully the "fix" is to stop offering free games and offer cash back instead going forward.       Think about it, take the 590 vs 1660. Same price point, nVidia is more efficient, quieter, and slig...
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  • Problema con la RX 590

    Porque me pasa esto? y creo que es lo que causa que me de lagazos en la mayoria de mis juegos sin tener ningun programa abierto en la PC y sucede esto cada rato...   Una solución? es que no se que ha...
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  • Central topic for AMD random black screen/no signal issue, with power and reset buttons not working

    I realise I made the wrong call by posting this issue to that annoying place called Reddit 6 months ago, so I'm posting it again here where it belongs.   Hi. I've made this topic because I've discovered I have an...
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