• How do I set up yahoo mail account correctly?

    I’m a professional person and want to communicate with the clients for the business dealings. I am facing problems to communicate clearly, so I want to enjoy the services of yahoo mail account. Yahoo mail servic...
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  • Installing New CPU and GPU

    Greetings,   I am about to install a new gpu and cpu ( or should I say uprade my current apu).   I read around some forums, that you need to disconnect all computer devices, before installing new hardware,...
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  • Microsoft Blog details Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling, and why only two AMD cards have it (so far)

    So nVidia with their massive market share advantage appears to have comprised so much of the insider program that they were able to get certification for their  all-supported-product driver, while AMD...didn't, y...
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  • AMD releases driver to support Graphics Hardware Scheduling, but ONLY for RX 5700/5600 series

    Download link is in the release notes. As to why they're still calling it 20.5.1 Beta June 25 is a good question.   https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-20-5-1-ghs-beta  
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  • black screen fix works for me

    Hi folks, i have a fix for the black screen issues, weird freezes and even artifacting onscreen to a total crash of the gpu.   It's all about your gpu temp.   The main problem is the amd radeon defaul...
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  • temperature of gpu and processor

    hello. what is the normal temperature of video cards and processor in games? I recently bought an msi alpha 15 a3ddk laptop and when playing apex legends at high settings, the temperature of gpu1 is from 75° to 8...
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  • TRX40 chipset temps

    I have an Asus ROG TRX40-E Gaming mobo with an x3960 Threadripper. I just noticed that the chipset temperatures are around 60-70 C idle. The chipset is under the GPU which can easily heat up the area of the mobo to 8...
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  • Problems with Windows 10 Ver. 2004 Update + Radeon Adrenalin 20.5.1 / Vega 56 OC / AMD Ryzen 5 2600

    Hello everyone,   after about 5 hours I finally got my system running almost perfect again. I want to share a bad experience with all of you and maybe help out some individuals.   I updated my windows 10 6...
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  • Microsoft removes manual deferrals from Windows Update by IT pros 'to prevent confusion'

    According to the ZDNET article to defer Windows Update for a year you need to use Windows Group Policy to achieve a year of deferal. Since Windows version 2004 Microsoft removed the manual deferral because they said i...
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  • Adobe wants users to uninstall Flash Player by the end of the year

    From ZDNET: Adobe wants users to uninstall Flash Player by the end of the year | ZDNet  ________________________________________________________________________   Adobe Flash Player will reach End-Of-Life o...
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  • nVidia releases DX 12 Ultimate driver enabling GPU Hardware Scheduling in Win 10 2004

    You can read the whole article here. AMD is now on the clock, though given Win 10 2004's issues, it's a slow clock.   https://www.anandtech.com/show/15880/nvidia-posts-first-directx-12-ultimate-driver-set-enable...
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  • Windows 10 critical process failure: Microsoft admits June updates are triggering reboots

    Another Windows Update that is causing major problems with User's computers. From ZDNET: Windows 10 critical process failure: Microsoft admits June updates are triggering reboots | ZDNet  _______________________...
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  • Intel again caught using misleading benchmarks vs AMD in partner slides

    I'll post a few here, but needless to say they're not really worth the bits they're composed of. But AMD did about the same thing before Lisa Su arrived, remember their "Fast enough" spheal?   https://wccftech.c...
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  • Potential problem fix for RX 5700 XT

    RX 5700 XT - 95% of the black screens, PC resets of the standing picture and running sound, as it turned out it was NOT AMD drivers fault for these gpu !!! After many months (3) testing I found the cause of these prob...
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  • Do SSDs Degrade Over Time? (Part II in next reply)

    Not posting a link since this is an advertisement from Diskeeper Authors but the first part which I have posted does explain about how SSD degrades over time. _________________________________________________________...
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  • Google and Parrells bringing local virtualization support of Windows apps to Chromebooks

    If AMD ever needed a reason to cater to the Chromebook market, this is it. If this works out and really becomes a big hit and a viable platform, then Intel's new LittleBIG 4+1 chips could let them corner the market. &...
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  • RTX 3080(?) spotted in Time Spy - 31% faster than 2080 Ti

    And now the wait for RDNA2 cards to release, but if nVidia is able to deliver 30% increases across the entire stack compared to Turing, and AMD is able to get anywhere near close to that with RDNA2, assuming the price...
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  • 3D from RX580 through AV-receiver to 3D-TV?

    Is it possible, and if so, what do I need to se 3D-movies/files on a 3D-TV getting signals via an AV-receiver from a RX580?
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  • Battlefield 4 crashes or freezes with Radeon 5700 XT

    Battlefield 4 crashes or freezes about 30-40 minutes of game play with my 5700 XT.     I switched from a 650 to 750 watt PSU just incase it was drawing too much power.  Didn't help.   Please...
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  • BiliBili user uses Task Manager and Threadripper 3990X to "render" a video

    Using Task Manager's CPU core load display gets you a 9x14 (126 pixels) wall, as the last two don't divide evenly so are left off. I'll link to the TomsHardware article on it which has a link to the full video. They u...
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