• RX 5700 XT Random Black Screens When Gaming

    So I've noticed a new problem with my 5700 xt. Randomly when I'm playing a game, my screen(s) will go black but everything is still running. My computer doesn't crash, I can still hear the in-game audio, and it even b...
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  • XFX Radeon rx 5700 xt reflections problems

    Hello !   I have a XFX rx 5700 xt and i notice that since i bought this card reflections are jagged / blurred.(wet textures, water, shiny textures, yellow and black surface). First i blame faulty drivers, now i'...
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  • amd settings wont open

    My amd radeon wont open people told me to update my drivers.  My amd adrenalin version is 19.1.1 and every time i  try to update them my gpu just crashes then i get windows didn't load correctly. So ive...
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  • Monitors lose signal randomly

    My system: RX 580  Desktop Windows 10 64BiT Radeon Adrenalin 19.1.1 Display DevicesLCD HP Omen 25 Display, 1920x1080 @144hz DisplayPort  ASUS Monitor (dont know model) 1920x1080 @60hz DVI Gigabyte G1.Sniper...
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  • RX Vega 56/64 Video playback stutters on High Refresh 144hz on 2nd monitor while gaming

    I am testing both the RX Vega 64 reference card and the Sapphire Nitro+ RX Vega 64. Video playback in all web browsers and media players stutters while using a high refresh rate monitor, above 60Hz while playing a gam...
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  • Monitor using HDMI won't go to sleep AMD Radeon 5700 XT

    System: AMD Graphics Card:  Sapphire Pulse 5700 XT (100416P8GL) Desktop Windows 10 64 bit (1903) Driver installed:  19.9.2 Monitor 1 (Displayport): Acer XFA240 Monitor 2 (HDMI) that won't go to sleep: Asus V...
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  • New Radeon Software updates.

    Is anyone having; Non stop requests of availability. Will not update. How can I stop this?
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  • VST Plugins have white screen

    Hello all. Hope you can help me. I have two Radeon RX 570 with the latest Drivers installed on a complete new PC Win 10. I'm Using Cubase DAW with a lot of Audio Plugins. But there are some plugins....when Opening...
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  •   Keep getting "video tdr failure atikmpag.sys" on freshly installed windows 10 plus new hard drive.

    hi, my hard drive failed a few days ago so i got a new one along with copy of windows 10. Windows 10 installed fine but i keep getting a blue screen error "video tdr failure atikmpag.sys". I heard it has something to ...
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  • Linux amdgpu 19.30-838629 spams syslog with errors

    Getting the following syslog spam every 1 seconds with RX 5700 card installed in system: kernel: amdgpu: [powerplay] Failed to send message 0x0, response 0xfffffffb kernel: amdgpu: [powerplay] Attempt to get current ...
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  • εχω ενα laptop dell inspiron 5737 με windows 10 .απο οταν εβαλα τα καινουργια windows 10 δεν με αφηνει να βαλω την καρτα γραφικων της amd που εχω κια μου μπλοκαρει συνεχεια.απο τι εχω μαθει δεν υπαρχει συμβατοτητα μεταξυ της καρτας amd και των windows 10;

    dell inspiron 5737 17R
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  • 2400G temperature spikes when iGPU clock controlled with Ryzen Master... even at stock speed

    Today seemed to finally be the day I got my memory overclock dialed in right, so I decided to see if I could push the Vega 11 a bit... and weird things happened. Normal idle is about 35'C, under benchmark load (3DMar...
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  • Drivers installation issue with Amd radeon hd8790m.

    I am using Dell latitude e6540 which is having dedicated graphics of amd radeon hd8790m, I am using this notebook for about 2 years but since the first day I am having some serious kind of issue with installing amd dr...
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  • AMD Radeon VII Crossfire DX11

    My question is Radeon VII crossfire,   currently crossfire does not work in Dx11 it will be supported in later period.   My guess is that Vega 20 doesn't differ much from Vega 10(Vega64), so the profiles m...
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  • ReLive Content Protected issue?

    So I Have had an issue with the ReLive streaming software. So ever since the update I am unable to stream any of my games anymore due to the fact that it keeps saying that the content is protected. I went through the ...
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  • Possible Solution for Screen Goes Completely Grayish Randomly ??

    My Laptop Screen Goes Completely Grayish Randomly ??   I have 8 GB Ram and Dedicated graphics for Games, Video and Multimedia. Plz Help. Ping for Additional Information you Require.
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  • Ram causing BSOD after bios 5220 update on X470-F

    Hello forum. I have had a setup with D.S.O.P turned on and working fine, with corsair 3000mhz ram, but efter the bios update, i get bsod, and it never comes at the same time, can be at startup or minutes later or eve...
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  • Vega 56 - Windows 10 Desktop lagging while gaming in windowed mode.

    While playing a game like GTA V, it happens in other games also but GTA V does it the worst out of the games I've played so far. If I set the game to full screen windowed mode or windowed mode, everything out side th...
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  • Gigabyte vega 56 oc 8gb crash randomly all the time with any drivers, except which windows automatically installs

    Hello, im having this weird problem since i brought my new GPU a few months ago, my whole build is new, the GPU was the last  purchase, previously i had a R9 290x in this same build, all works perfectly! ...
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  • Really need help :( Driver always crash in Vega 64 LC.

    GPU:AMD VEGA 64 liquid Cooling version (default setting) Desktop OS: Windows 1903 Driver Version: 19.9.2 WQHL Display Devices: MSI G27C2 1920x1080 144hz FreeSync with DP adapter Mother Board: ASUS ROG Strix B-450I, B...
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