• Catalyst manager 08.00.0915 freeze analyze

    Hi AMD i have a problem i cant install the catalyst manager 08.00.0915 when it reach to the analyze step the analyze stop like this. I need that file beacuse my pc go crazy i cant install it when it reach the analyze ...
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  • 30 Hz only at 4k Monitor since 19.11.1 (R9 390)

    I wanted to prepare my PC for Jedi Fallen Order, so I updated my GPU with the 19.11.1 and the 19.11.2 driver, respectively. The problem is that since the 19.11.1 driver update I'm unable to run my system at ...
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  • placa AMD radeon R7 m265 inconpativel Windows 10 64bits

    tenho uma placa AMD radeon R7 m265 2gb e o drive disponibilizado pela AMD e  incompatível com Windows 10 64bits. o drive ate começa a instalar mais trava tudo. alguém consegue me ajudar
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  • Why wattman is buggy?

    Hi, the other day I bought myself an rx 570, installed the driver, went into the settings, wattman turned the turntables, but after a reboot it becomes stock again. I'm sitting on the drivers on 19.11.3 what is the re...
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  • проблема с драйверами

    включил комп, жду пока все загрузиться и просто вылазиет феолетовый экран без надписей и ни начто не реагирует, захожу в безопасный режим, удаляю драйвера, после этого проблема исчезла, скачиваю новые и опять таже про...
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    When I install drivers on 5700XT I BSOD instantly and I cannot boot. It gives me the error message, "VIDEO TDR FAILURE, atikmpag.sys.   I'm assuming it's a driver error because that's what my google searches sa...
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  • Adrenalin 19.9.2 & Radeon PRO 19.Q4

    Hello, AMD. Primevideo.com has problems playing movies with current amd drivers. Video playback on this streaming platform constantly stops. For now, the solution is to return to previous versions of the Radeon 19.7....
    created by detamayo
  • Monsterhunter world BSOD on start,

    Hello, Asus Radeon rx 5700 Ryzen AMD Ryzen 7 2700x Eight-core EX-A320M-Gaming (motherbord) PSU: 850   I have this problem when I try to open MHW, by just pressing play, I get hit by a BSOD I need to know i...
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  • The graphics card driver's ui map does not fit 2k resolution

    The graphics card driver's ui map does not fit 2k resolution, and the texture display has a jagged feel.
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  • 19.11.2 Fortnite STW Corrupted Textures

    Have just upgraded from 19.11.1 which was fine to 19.11.2 Fortnite Save The world has badly corrupted textures on My Sapphire Vega 64 Nitro+ its fine on My Sapphire R9 290 Tri-x so is Vega Codepath Specific not sur...
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  • 5700 xt increased hotspot temps on the latest drivers

    Hi all! My Red Devil 5700 xt hotspot temps increased 4-5 degrees after i installed 19.11.1 & 19.11.2 drivers. My temps are reaching 71C edge, 78C memory and 95-96C hotspot while playing Red Dead Redempti...
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  • Ryzen Master stopped responding

    Hello have a good day,   I have a issue with Ryzen Master. By the way, I've Ryzen 5 2600X cpu and Gigabyte X470 motherboard. Yesterday, I update my Bios F42g > F50a (I've never had a problem in Ryzen Mas...
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  • RX 580 8gb Profiles from Low power to High power 0 rpm fans. To download

                            !Profiles Updated!!! Re-download if you downloaded before Nov 19 2019! &#...
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  • Fortnite Particles Not Displaying Properly

    Hello I want to let AMD know that the fortnites particles don't display properly or even show they just go flying everywhere and it is a mess on my screen. I am using the AMD 19.9.2 drivers and my Graphics card is an ...
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  • Impossible to install B450 chipset drivers since the new installer and version numbering

    Hi everyone, I wanted to update my chipset drivers recently and saw that since my last update (around may I believe) there was this new installer and version numbering used. Sadly when I try to run the update, it gets...
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  • ReLive not recording on full screen games

    Just recently bought a RX 5700 XT to replace my GTX 1070. I've been trying to use ReLive to record gameplay (instant replay) and unfortunately full screen doesn't record in any of the games I've tried. In some cases i...
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  • ReLive issue, not initiating overlay/encoding, debugged and adhoc solution found.

    If you're experiencing a vague increase of usage by your resources but no overlay and no recording/streaming You're not alone. I have been tracking this or similar issues related to the Adrenaline Edition and ReLive d...
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  • RX 570 & i5 4440 (Minor stuttering using 2 displays)

    Hello, AMD. This is my hardware: i5 4440 RX 570 (msi armor 8GB) RAM (24GB - DDR3 1600MHz) Monitor: X2 (Dell 1704 fpt 60Hz) - Samsung Smart TV 1080p 60Hz I acquired an RX 570 graphics card and I have the following ve...
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  • When will "unable to connect to the AMD server" be fixed?

    I had no problems getting driver update notifications on my previous Radeon card. I upgraded cards and now the Check for Updates feature no longer works, giving me the "Unable to connect to the AMD server and check fo...
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  • RX5700 Pulse Out of Range and black screen while on desktop

    Hi, i have this new card and i have a problem.   I have set windows to turn off the monitor after 5 minutes of inactivity. So when the monitor turns off and then on by moving the mouse, i can see a message in my...
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