• Higher than normal CPU usage after installing Radeon 2020 Software

    Installed Radeon 2020 software with 19.12.2 driver.  I noticed that my CPU (Ryzen 5 2600), is now constantly sitting between 13% and 20% usage, and the clock speed is stuck at 3.60Ghz, it never gets to clock down...
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  • Games not displaying since 2020 update

    So far, the only thing version 19.12.2 has done for me is make my games invisible to the naked eye. My games are no longer showing up on my monitor. All I see is a blank screen, what gives? 
    created by blackmaninc
  • 5700 XT drivers crash during install

    I am upgrading from a 1070 to a Power color reference 5700 XT. I used DDU to uninstall its drivers. When I go to install the drivers for the 5700 XT the installer freezes at 33%. The computer then shuts down...
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  • Cant Record Game because of protectet Content

    Today i installed the new AMD Software 2020. Now when i try to record in Escape from Tarkov it tells me i cant record because of protected content. anybody knows what happened? Cant open the overlay in that game as w...
    created by matosch83
  • New Radeon 19.12.2 driver question for a friend

    Does this new driver support a switchable graphic laptop from Dell ,the DelI inspiron 15 5576 ????? he has a R7 integrated and a FX9830p APU with a RX560 switchable graphics....gpu..and he tried the driver from the r...
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  • Rx 580 and rx 5700 gpu memory not throttling when idle and EX3203R monitor 120hz not detected by rx 5700

    Issues: 1.With monitor Benq Freesync 2 panel EX3203R when set to freesync standard 144hz the gpu memory does not throttle down at idle on rx 5700 or rx580 with latest drivers 2.If I use the windows provided 17.1.1 ...
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  • amdihk32.dll error after installing the new 19.12.2 version of radeon software

    whenever i try to open a game I'm getting this error since installing the 19.12.2 update.  System Details: Radeon Software Version - 19.12.2 Radeon Software Edition - Adrenalin 2020 Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeo...
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  • FPS Cap / Adrenalin 2020 Edition

    Help me out if possible, I can't find the FPS cap with latest version of the Adrenalin software, was it removed or I'm just missing it     Thanks in advance
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  • 5700 xt Black Screen

    Idk whats going on. Im the the latest stable bios and the newest adrenaline driver and anytime I do any intense gaming my monitors with blackscreen and I need to reset my pc for them to come back up. Need help. FYI I ...
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  • How to turn off AMD Wraith Spire LED permanently

    Hello,   I have an AMD 2700x processor in an MSI Tomahawk B450 motherboard. Initially, I had the AMD Wraith Spire Cooler connected MSI mobo via the MSI RGB header. The MSI mobo has its own LED software called ...
  • Missing Spanish translations

    Hello Sirs. Today I was testing the new Radeon 2020, and I assume it has impressed me how refined it is, perfected with future expansion for me, the best software user interface.   Although I must recognize som...
    created by skylar
  • New 2020 drivers question.

    How do I get my pc to stop reverting my overclock after every restart? I have to reapply the profile everytime.
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  • How to Turn Relive or all the new Record.

    Just updated my driver to Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 19.12.2. Beside if you unbind all the hotkey to streaming, it keep ping ingame and make you crazy, and if reset it. It can open up in the middel ...
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  • StoreMi - License error and dont install

    I'm trying to install StoreMi and I can't. Displays installation error.      What to do?   Windows 10 64bits + 3600/16gb
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  • Win 10 power settings

    FYI:   I had an issue with the Windows 10 Pro power settings not allowing the system to shutdown with power scenario. I was using the default 'Balance' plan but Windows would not follow the power scenario settin...
    created by udidwht
  • Who dislike new design of Adrenalin 2020?

    I am first. New UI design is too big and too fat and its not intuitive. Old design was much better for me.
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  • error atikmpag.sys en amd 7670 al iniciar juego age of empires 2 definitive edition

    error atikmpag.sys en amd 7670 al iniciar juego age of empires 2 definitive edition el controlador de la tarjeta dice que estan instalados todos los controladores pero siempre que vuelvo a revisar dice que hay uno nu...
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  • Save Multiple Display Profiles Like Video?

    I recently acquired an HP All-In-One with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics.  I'd like to be able to set up custom display color presets and be able to name them as desired, and have them quickly be able to be switched via ...
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  • Desabilitar icones

    Como desabilitar os icones que fica no canto superior da tela dos jogos aparece o microfone e quero tirar esse icone
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  • 19.12.2 is a bad driver for my 5700xt

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare crashes every time I try to run it. The game ran fine on 19.12.1.  Dev errors and fatal errors occur right after shaders are installed from the game or when loading a match.  Runn...
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