• Freesync brightness flicker with Samsung CHG90 on "ultimate mode"

    I have the same problem with the Samsung CHG90, before about driver version 18.6 and earlier it was only in menus on games like BF1, BFV - non problematic. Now with newer drivers it flickers everywhere, no matter what...
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  • Windows 10 1903 + AMD Drivers

    Hi guys. There is an old laptop Lenovo ideapad 110-15ACL AMD A6-7310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics + discrete AMD Radeon R5 M430 2gb., RAM 8 Gb, ssd 240 Gb. Until 1903, all driver versions worked fine. After install...
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  • Vega 64 - Flickering and FreeSync issues

    Hi,   I own 2 Vega 64 and I am experiencing lots of issues with the Adrenalin drivers. I got lot's of flickering DisplayPort and FreeSync doesn't appear to work at all. Freesync not good working, Virtual Super Re...
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  • Freesync brightness flicker with CHG90 on "ultimate mode" with newer driver versions

    Hey, as some others experience flickering since about driver Version 18.6.. I wanted to chime in.   I have the same problem with the Samsung CHG90, before about driver version 18.6 and earlier it was only in men...
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  • monitor out of range

    my screen goes black and monitor shows "out of range" when running "assassins creed syndicates" right after I changed my video card from intel gtx750ti to amd rx580. I installed latest drivers and i can play other gam...
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  • Chipset drive and other

    I have uninstal all drive with AMDCleanupUtilitynow is okay to instal only fresh Chipset drive+Radeon drive only? or should also need USB+Audio+sata+lan and  Memory drivers or chipset drivers have it all?  C...
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  • HDMI Audio not working

    Hi Guys,   I recently purchased a new CPU/Motherboard/RAM combo, below are the specs of my current machine:   AMD Ryzen 2200G MSI B450M Mortar Sapphire Radeon R9 380 2x8GB Kingston Hyper-X DDR CL2400 G...
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  • RAIDXpert2 - Long creation time of Raid 1 on 2x 2Tb

    What kind of time-frame should I be looking at for RaidXpert to create a Raid 1 array made of two identical Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 2Tb drives?   Mine managed to get to 20% in about 8 hours.  Does it...
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  • RAIDXpert2 - Fatal error: Call to undefined method com::RegRead()

    RaidXpert2 was running perfectly fine... Then I started tuning my machine and I have obviously turned on/off a Privacy or Security setting that is now interfering with the RaidXpert2 web page loading up. I'm using Ch...
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  • AMD Radeon Settings Lag

    English: The Radeon Software looks like running with 10 FPS and sometimes hanging. The menus taking long to open I reinstalled it but same issue   Deutsch: Die Radeon Software siehst so aus als wären es...
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  • Driving Problem of Rx 5700

    Too bad these days, using 5700 various faults, restart several times a day to play the game. Driving problems are too big, unstable, Carton, black screen automatic restart and so on. I'm a little reluctant to support it.
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  • Direct Driver Issue

    Every time I start an application I get an error that says it couldn't start because Direct was having issues. It tells me to make sure my drivers are up-to-date, which they most certainly are because I just updated t...
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  • Ryzen 9 3900x + Radeon VII Constant WHEA Errors

    Just upgraded to a Ryen 9 3900x and after fresh installing windows with the latest GPU drivers and chipset drivers and motherboard BIOS it keeps crashing with WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR while playing games. The GPU and...
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  • Recent driver releases make RX 480 really unstable.

    AMD Graphics CardRX 480 (MSI Gaming X, bios updated to the latest version available) Desktop Operating SystemWindows 10 64bit (I also tested everything on Windows 7, no differences) Motherboard + Bios RevisionZ97...
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  • Radeon VII Memory Clocks Stuck at Slow Speeds

    Hi, I've been finding lately that sometimes when I play games that the HBM2 clocks will be stuck at 350Mhz with the occasional jump up to 800Mhz. This results in significantly reduced performance (20%+). I've found t...
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  • Problem with Vega11 Ryzen 3400G Graphic drivers

    Hello.   Completely new system. New MSI B450M Gaming Plus Mainboard New Ryzen 3400G processor. New 16GB Ram and SSD and nowthing else. 380Watts Antec Power supply.   At first everything works. Flashed ...
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  • FreeSync flicker source solved?

    Let me start by saying this is a huge issue for some of us. If you google freesync flicker you get tons of people suggesting all sorts of things but no solution. This issue has also followed me through several complet...
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  • Can't upgrade my graphics card driver

    The AMD installer crashes whenever I click upgrade 
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  • "Power Efficiency" setting issues in game and out of game

    Windows 7 Graphics Chipset - Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics, Memory Size - 8192 MB, Core Clock - 1288 MHz Radeon Settings Version - 2017.0303.2232.40545 Driver Packaging Version - 16.60.2711-170303a-311798E-CrimsonReL...
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  • StoreMi causes BSOD

    Hi,   I have a new rig with Ryzen 2700X and MSI Tomahawk B400 MB. So i put SSD M2 for C drive, and 2 HDD drives. One of them is 2 TB new Barracuda. I also put 128GB old ssd drive from OC - never had problems wit...
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