• Amd path of exile optimisation

    hello im using fx 8350 cpu , gpu r9 290 , im playing 4 years poe , and what i can see that amd hardware is somehow weak in poe , path of exile  creators told that amd is not coperating with them ( nvidia did it a...
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  • problème d'affichage firepro v7900

    Bonjour j'ai fait l'acquisition d'une firepro v7900 il y a peu et depuis je n'ai que des problèmes d'affichage. En effet, lorsque je suis au beau milieu d'un travail, l'écran se scinde et une partie de ...
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  • After updating Crimson Edition 11/24/15, GPU HD 7870 died.

    So, yesterday catalys CC sayd what he wants an update, I said SURE, get it. He downloaded it and started check something and BAM, computer shuted down. I thinked "that` ok, he is rebooting" but nope he wasn`t. I turne...
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  • gpu scaling not working for months

    Hello. I've had a amd graphics card for about a year now and i love it but, ever since windows 10 release the GPU Scaling has not been working. I've always played games such as CS:GO ( Counterstrike Global Offensive)...
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  • Gigabyte Radeon 7970 GHz Edition running at max clock

    Last week I noticed that my card was running at 500 MHz GPU / 1500 MHz Memory clocks constantly.  I just happened to check my CCC after playing a game to see my temps, and notice that the clocks would not go down...
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  • Screen Freezes and Memory Leaks in Prototype 2 using latest 15.7.1 Driver on Windows 10

    Seriously i tried everything to make this game work, after playing for a while the frame rate drops like a rock, objects start dissapearing and the game ultimately freezes, please release a driver that can run this ga...
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  • Crossfire Profiles not working.

    As the Title mentions, despite having crossfire profiles set to "not" be enabled. The second GPU still goes on and runs along with any games that I play, even those who I don't want it to be. Always being forced to tu...
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  • Audio setting keeps resetting to Stereo

    I have a Windows 7 Professional HTPC with an A10-6700 Richland Quad-Core APU connected via HDMI to an Onkyo 3010 AVR, which is then connected via HDMI to a Panasonic PT4000AE projector.  All items are 1080p @60Hz...
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  • Doubts about drivers for Radeon HD 7290M

    Hello. I have a 3 years old Semp Toshiba laptop, with Windows 7 Starter 32 bits. The laptop's vendor only offer a old Catalyst (version 8.0 of 2012/04/06, if I am not mistaken). I did use the AMD Driver Autodetect a...
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  • Cpu uses legacy drivers and gpu uses mobile drivers, make problems

    Hi everybody, i have an a10-5757m and a gpu 8750m and i have a problem to update to the new dirvers because cpu use 16.1 legacy and gpu 16.1 mobile, i try to install both but i lose performance and the stability is no...
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  • Windows 10 overheating issue FX-9370

    I recently upgraded to Windows 10 Pro from 8.1 Pro.  Since then, my CPU started overheating and reaching extremely dangerous temperatures. It peaked at just over 90°C while burning video files using Nero. I...
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  • No free game r9 380?

    Hello guys. I buyed an r9 380 SAPPHIRE NITRO OC 4GB with backplate...but i don't receive a bonus free game reward.Doesn't r9 380 have game rewards? 
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  • Windows can't display 1920x1080 resolution. Why?

    For some reason after installing AMD Radeon Crimson Software, even after checking off the EDID to set the maximum resolution to 1920x1080 and 70hz, Windows is not saving the custom maximum resolution on the drop down ...
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  • Fx 9590 problem with MSI 990FXA Gaming MB

    For starts, sorry for my english.   -My problem is that the 9590 (NOT OC) frezees the pc, let's see all components all compatible (msi fxa990 MB, liquid cooling Corsair H80, psu Corsair rm1000, msi gtx960 4GB.....
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  • Guild Wars 2 Crossfire and Freesync Enabled *CRASH*

    Hello,   I wanted to bring to attention the recent crashes I have been getting when trying to load up Guild Wars 2 with Crossfire and FreeSync enabled. I am running two r9 390s and the ViewSonic XG2401 monito...
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  • All FirePro cards support OpenGL Quad Buffer, including the cheaper ones like 2270?

    Hello All,   I understand that only FirePro cards support OpenGL quad buffer (for stereoscopic applications). Since this is a software limitation (apparently) I would not be surprised if this is actually not sup...
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  • no display driver option in installer

    I load the amd installer and get no option for a display driver, or radeon settings. i see HDMI audio driver, Amd insall manager, Amd quick stream technology, and Amd gaming evolved app. i have tried contacting amd bu...
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  • Disable AMD Radeon Game General settings

    Hello   I really wanna disable the AMD Radeon General game settings ( See screenshots i pasted) Its giving me allot of problems in allot of games because it takes the control over the grafhics   Greetings ...
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  • R9 390X poor performance compared to GTX 750 Ti

    I recently replaced my GTX 750 Ti with the R9 390X, I of course naturally expected a vast improvement but I received the exact opposite.  When I attempted to run a few games (I'll use 1 as an example) on World of...
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  • which processors support windows xp

    Hi,   I need to upgrade my hardware but also need to continue with XP for a while. I was about to upgrade to a Gigabyte m/b with an A6 APU when I spotted worrying comments about needing Trinity or Kavira process...
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