• 2 screens shutdown when eyefinity is disabled

    I have 4 screens in total, 3 x 1080 attached to my 295x2 and the last screen 1280 x 720 attached to my igpu.   When I enable Eyefinity Windows sets my 1280 x 720 screen as the main desktop and I have to open dis...
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  • R9 280 Windows 10 Driver Not Installing

    hello,   I'm trying to install the windows 10 driver for my r9 280, but it installs everything and gives me the error:   Driver Install: the driver package does not specify a hardware identifier   I ...
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  • a problem with your video hardware caused windows to stop working correctly

    Computer crashed due to video hardware
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  • AMD 15.12 Divers

    Hi i am new to the forum so i don't know where to look for specific support. But here is my problem i live in the UK and my Radeon Setting says that my drivers are up to date but the drivers version is 15.11 not the n...
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  • Second screen not working after driver update

    Hy,   After the last update of the AMD driver (I'm now on 15.20.1062.1004-150803a1-187674C) my second screen stopped working with my HD 7950 WF3. Here I'll give you information of my set-up: - Displayport to vg...
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  • R9 270X Vapor-X: Vertical lines(that cover the entire screen while gaming)(Vertical lines of death). Is it my GPU?

    Hello guys! So around 3 weeks ago I recieved back an r9 270x from an RMA I did of a 280x which was giving me problems shown in this video: My r9 280x problems - YouTube . So after around 5 days of no problems I start ...
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  • R9 390 load spikes while on desktop

    Howdy folks.   Recently I've purchased MSI R9 390, and I'm quite happy with it. However, I noticed that after midnight (for some reason always happens then) my GPU load spikes for no reason while I'm on desktop,...
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  • Tengo un portátil Lenovo G500 con gráfica AMD Radeon 8500M

    Y me da error en la detección de software los nuevos Crimson, por lo que ahora estoy sin controladores gráficos porque no me permite instalar estos nuevos controladores. Probé ambas versiones, rad...
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  • Radeon R7 M360 2GB gta is my graphics card ive installed gta v and its only showing that i have 1024 mb of video memory while i know i have 2 gb dedicated

    ive installed gta v on my laptop its showing that i only got 1024 mb of vid mem but i know i have 2gb dedicated. its running very laggy and this is very irritating. So can anyone help
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  • R9 290 crossfire not working effectively

    Okay I'll start with my build. FX8350 OC'ed 4.2 2 r9 290 16g gkill ram 2133 1tb ssd storage.     It appears that crossfire is working correctly. I have it set so it has the tag up the corner when it's w...
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  • Problemas despues de actualizar a Windows 10

    Hola. Hace unas semanas actualice a Windows 10, pero mientras se estaba actualizando se apago de repente en medio de la actialización, aunque despues de unas semanas lo volvi a actualizar y esta vez si que se ...
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  • Shappire Dualx r9 270X 4gb gddr5 oc

    What happens whit that card,WHAT HAPPENS WHIT SUPPORT FOR THAT CARDS? no response on Amd or shappire,nice 250 euros,i opened 3 ticket whitout response on amd and shappire.
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  • uninstalled driver AMD Radeon HD 7560D

    I have an HP Pavilion p7-1414 that came with an AMD Radeon HD 7560D graphics. I was having problems with the catalyst something something (sorry), and Windows support wisely recommended I uninstall the driver, then pr...
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  • Samsung provided amd drivers or amd website drivers

    I am using Radeon HD 6750M on my NP700Z5A-S02, the Samsung product. Initially Samsung has its own drivers for amd on its website, however, I found drivers for my card on amd website are advanced in terms of features I...
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  • Графические аномалии

    С момента покупки работа видеокарты всегда была исправна, но с одним исключением: Всегда наблюдались графические аномалии, какие бы драйвера не были установлены.   Последние драйвера которые не вызывали графичес...
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  • Playing multiple different games I have white dots flashing across the screen.

    While researching this I came across a variety of different things. From psu-monitor issues. So I took to the forums myself           This is my Graphics card and processor, ...
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  • radeon r9 380 series, is there a driver for windows xp 64

    can r9 380 series video card be used with windows xp 64? i installed r9 but I cannot find a driver for xp 64. many old games work well with windows xp
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  • AMD OverDrive

    Hello. AMD OverDrive. Very useful and necessary program. But it is not working. After I set the voltage to the CPU it works. After reboot the settings for the CPU voltage are applied automatically. But when I run the...
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  • R5 M230

    Hello, i have a problem. Few days ago i bought notebook with dedicated graphics (R5 M230) and it does not work. It says that Windows turn it off.. [Code 43] when I enter in device manager it have yellow exclamation ma...
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  • Radeon r7 250x

    where can I find the updated driver, I'm in trouble!
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