• ryzen 7 2700x temperature and blue screen issue

    Hello everyone. i have problem with my new ryzen 7 2700x. first promblem is random blue screen. second one is my bios shows me much higher cpu temp compared to aida64 or CPUID HWMonitor, etc.. something like 60C bios ...
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  • stream issue

    Hi I am new user AMD I just wanna ask something, why is it every time I stream it says stream preview unavailable but back then it  was working could you guys please tell me how to fix this problem. thank you and...
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  • AMD Support Forums - Rules & Regulations & Terms of Membership

    OFFICIAL TERMS OF USE   This is a user to user English language only Support Forum. Information or opinions contained in any posts are those solely of the user making the post and are in no way validated by, or t...
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  • Read This First

    To get the best experience on our forum, we have provided below some useful tips and advice that all members are encouraged to follow: Always be respectful and courteous to other members and adhere to the forum cod...
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  • Latest driver & Adrenalin

    Wonderful experience!   I downloaded the new drivers, installed, rebooted, and the system was bricked. Thankfully system restore worked.
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    HI GUYS !   I have tow video cards in my laptop (intel / amd r7 m370) why my amd r7 m370 does not support direct3D acceleration but the intel card supports that. is there problem in my video card or what !! I ...
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  • como configurar tarjeta grafica xfx one 2gb ddr3?

    nesesito saber como configurar la tarjetaxfx one 2gbddr3 para poder jugarbien
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  • How can I allocate additional memory to the GPU on an AMD A8-3850

    How can I allocate additional memory to the GPU on an AMD A8-3850?   I have 16GB of HyperX Savage 1600MHz CL9 memory and will never come close to using all of it. The MB is an ASUS F1A75-V Pro. If feasible &...
  • Display driver has stopped working and has recovered almost ONLY when playing CS:GO

    Hello! I got my graphic card two or three months ago. because my other card had a fault in it after 3 years of using it (so were I bought my first card sent me a new one (Radeon R7 370)). So.. my problem is that while...
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  • All non GCN cards are now LEGACY

    You knew it was coming. All VLIW5 and VLIW4 cards have been added to the Legacy list. Should come as no surprise to anyone.   AMD Moves Radeon HD 5000 & 6000 Series to Legacy Status - All Pre-Graphics Core N...
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  • Tomb Raider (2013) crashes on MSAA. R9 290X

    Hey guys. I have a weird problem. I have an Asus R9 290X Direct CU II OC with latest official crimson driver, 8 GB of RAM, win7 64x, Intel 4790K cpu.  I decided to play Tomb Raider to get ready for its sequel whi...
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  • instalo amd apu en sistema 32 pero el software y los controladores no se instalan es el unico driver que tengo que update

    la instalacion de la aplicacion ¡fallo en la instalacion del paquete! el sistema es recien instalado
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  • Mouse cursor corruption

    OS: Windows 10 x64 CPU: Amd FX8320 GPU: Radeon R7 370 Display: LG TV 32'' on HDMI Driver: 15.12 Crimson   When I move the mouse, there are strange glitches (vertical bars on cursor). I tried to change curso...
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  • Counter Strike 1.6 doesnt start with new update of Crimson

    i cannot launch my Counter Strike 1.6 with new Update of crimson
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  • Tengo un a10 7870k con que tarjeta r7 saco maximo desempeño al dual grafics y si compro una r7360 pierdo completamente la grafica de la apu o tambien trabaja aunque no se aga dual grafics???? por favor neceisto ayuda

    quiero comprar una tarjeta grafica para mi 7870k e leido que solo se puede acer dual grafics con la r250 si yo como la r360 perderia los graficos duales???? y bien siendo el caso que solo se pueda acer graficos duales...
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  • no displays are currently connected to AMD products

    Why not displayed ?? My graphics card is an R9 M265X and have never been able to install Windows 10, but with the AMD Radeon Software update Crimson Edition 16.1 fix, I get these results   Graphics Card Manufac...
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  • Re: Can I get help with this error. "AMD Driver has stopped responding but has succesfully recovered."

    What are you doing when the driver crash occurs?   Can you provide more information please about your system and OS used?   Does it occur on an older Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta driver?
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  • Microsoft to limit software support of Intel Kaby Lake & AMD Bristol Ridge to Windows 10 only.

    Microsoft Limits Support For Upcoming Processors To Windows 10   Microsoft announced that starting with Windows 10, it will provide software support for the latest processors only on the latest Windows platform...
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  • AMD crimson drivers cause marquee tool failure on Maya 2016

    Good day to you all.     The newest AMD drivers (crimson) cause marquee tool in maya to fail. I cannot select any polygon in the viewport. Rolled back to the 15.11 beta 3 drivers, and everything went back t...
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  • Online video quality not working

    I can't seem to get the video quality, color, saturation.. to work on online videos like youtube. I have apply current video quality settings to online video checked.
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