• uprof PowerProfiler Installation Failed on Ubuntu 18.04

    Hi, I'm trying to install μProf 3.1-35 on Ubuntu 18.04. While the existence of AMDPowerProfiler module is confirmed with lsmod, xxx@xxx:/opt/AMDuProf_3.1-35/bin# lsmod | grep AMD AMDPowerProfiler   ...
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  • Amd uProf 3900X

    Hi,   I am trying to do a Process profiling using AMD's uProf. After stopping the process, the profiler gets stuck on "Processing Data..." Anyone knows why this might be? Running latest version as of today
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  • Profile collection and reporting error

    I am trying to profile SPDK nvmf_tgt application on CentOS (kernel : 3.10.0-693.el7.x86_64).  Below is the output of running 'profile collection' and 'profile report' :   I am using the following version of...
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  • turbostat gives wrong package power consumption when CPU is idle

    We have two clusters with 7301 and 7551 CPUs in dual-socket servers. One system uses air cooling, another one uses liquid cooling. Both system runs under SLES12 SP3.   On both system we observe that in the idle ...
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  • Whether AMD EPYC 2 supports host-to-device PCIe AtomicOps?

    Whether AMD EPYC 2 supports host-to-device PCIe AtomicOps?   This post said that AMD EPYC does not support PCIe AtomicOps If AMD EPYC support PCIe AtomicOps host-to-device transactions?    &#...
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  • AMDPowerProfile API Missing Sample?

    Hello, I am trying to write a C++ application that benchmarks a set of functions and collects power/energy information during their execution using the AMDPowerProfile API (part of uProf).   In an attempt to...
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  • Dual 7002 workstation solutions?

    Help! I'm currently stuck with apparently incompatible components, and looking for the most cost effective way to get a dual epyc system running. Work load will be exclusively openfoam cfd. So 16 memory channels, and ...
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  • Processor group limits for hyperthreaded 128 threads in Windows

    Hi, We're developing a astrophysical stochastic model which is extremely hpc-intensive.  Using 24 threads, a run takes many days.  Using a 64-core, 128 thread chip would certainly speed our work.  For ...
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  • AMD Radeon Pro Settings vCenter Plugin not loading

    Hello all,   I am having an issue with my AMD Radeon Pro Settings vCenter Plugin not loading.  It has been working before, but now will not load for some reason.  I'll be as descriptive as possibl...
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  • Questions about hardware and software support on SEV-ES

    Hi, everyone,    I have several questions on SEV-ES.   Does AMD EPYC 7281 support SEV-ES?        Is there any information about which specific EYPC CPU support SEV-ES?   ...
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  • AMDPowerProfilerDriver 7.02 fails to compile on Linux with kernel 4.19.27

    When trying to compile AMDPowerProfiler-7.02 on Linux (kernel 4.19.27), I get the following error:   THINK /usr/src/AMDPowerProfiler-7.02 # make make -C /lib/modules/4.19.27-gentoo-r1-safe/build M=/usr/src/AMDPo...
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  • recipe for target 'dkms' failed

    Hi, I asked my question here and came to this place! I tried to install uprof 2.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 with 4.18.0-21-generic kernel and it failed with   Installing AMDPowerProfiler Linux kernel module version 7.02...
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  • Supermicro Epyc 7401 PCI Bus Resource Problem

    We have a Supermicro dual socket Epyc 7401 2u server and see that BIOS assigns PCI Root Bus numbers of 0x00 0x10 0x20 0x30 0x40 0x50 0x60 and 0x70 for the 8 numa nodes.  Each of the nodes would therefore have a t...
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  • As a Developer I want to run "Azure Stack Development Kit" on an AMD based processor solution.

    As a developer I want to run "Azure Stack Development Kit” on an AMD based processor solution. However, the requirements appear to be lntel centric. Can you offer some guidance on rolling my own with AMD solutio...
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  • AMDuProf and IBS

    Hello,   I'm trying to profile a medium sized piece of code using the IBS profiling mode. I work on both Windows (Thread Ripper) and Linux (Ryzen 2700X).   I'm only able to enable IBS on the Windows works...
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  • core pmc event based profiling is not supported

    When I'm using uprof to profile hardware event on dell power edge r6415, the uprof gives a message: "core pmc event based profiling is not supported". I don't know is it because of ibs is not enabled. When I look into...
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  • Nested virtualization with AMD EPYC/Ryzen and Windows 10/2016 Hyper-V

    I am trying to build a cluster lab using nested virtualization but I can not enable Nested Virtualization extensions to the VM.  I looked at Microsoft's article on it and mentions that only Intel is currently sup...
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  • Is there a place that shows the long term server roadmap?

    Hi, We are looking to spec a new workstation that is part of our turnkey ATE product. One issue we always have is that our customers require that the components of the system, including the workstation, remain availa...
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  • SMI problem on AMD Epyc 7301

    Hello! I'm working with AMD Epyc 7301 (AMD64 Family 17h model 00h-0Fh) with QNX (real-time OS) and have SMI interruptions on all CPUs every 32 ms for ~400 us. But in Linux (SLES RT) i dont't see such behaviour a...
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  • CPU significantly under TDP and optimal load temp?

    (NOTE: ALSO POSTED THIS ON REDDIT)   Hi, I have a system running an EPYC 7551P and GT 710. I was running some benchmarks and noticed something really weird about the system. According to the benchmarks, the CPU i...
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