• I need help in choosing a compatible motherboard for the 7501

    Hello. I have recently purchased an AMD Epyc 7501. I would like to know if this is compatible with the following motherboard: ASUS KRPA-U16. On the motherboard manufacturers website only generation 2 CPUs are listed f...
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  • How can one find "P0 frequency"?

    The TSC runs at "P0 frequency", but  I cannot see how to read that from any configuration information in user-space.  Intel processors have the base frequency in the CPU identity string "Intel(r) foo(r) pro...
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  • AMD Epyc (Zen 2) disable HW Prefetch L2

    Hello everyone!!. I wan to disable all hardware prefetching on an AMD Epyc 7702P (Zen 2 / Rome). I don't find anything related in the official tech docs (Processor Programming Reference 17H and Manuals).   Howe...
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  • What is the Maxium number of NVME drives supported on both 1s & 2s EYPC

    Hi Everyone I am looking for some help on the following. have called the AMD Tech line and spoke with several engineers but I am unable to find the answer to the following question.   How Many NVME PCI-E devices...
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  • Specific EPYC 7702 CPUs from Penang factory don't work

    AMD EPYC 7702 64-Core CPUs with letter D on the bottom right of the heat spreader built at Penang factory do NOT work. Tested with 5 HPE servers of 2 different types, and a Supermicro server. Total ...
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  • Would a SP3 socket Epyc 7351P CPU work in a sTRX4 socket mobo?

    I've got a SP3 socket Epyc 7351P CPU and the availability of motherboards is kinda limited. I was hoping to find something that is small form factor. In doing some of reading, I found that Socket TR4, is physically id...
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  • Dual Socket EPYC 7702 64 cores shows 254 CPU online 1 CPU offline... Bad CPU?

    Hi all,   Trying to install CentOS 7 with Dual socket AMD EPYC 7702 64 cores server and it didn't work.  Then I tried CentOS 8 and installed, but lscpu shows core 255 offline?  Do I have a bad core tha...
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  • EPYC Rome's infinity fabric clock speed

    I'm considering to buy EPYC Rome(7002) platform. I want to know how determined EPYC Rome's Infinity Fabric On-Package(IFOP) clock speed. I only found this doc. https://developer.amd.com/wp-content/resources/56745_0.8...
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  • << ./AMDuProfPcm -d 60 -m memory -o /tmp/pcm.csv   >>  doesnt work in my Zen machine

    Hello team,   Im trying your new uprof PCM Linux CLI. As per the user guide the command "./AMDuProfPcm -d 60 -m memory -o /tmp/pcm.csv" will give me the memory bandwith numbers, nevertheless Im getting the follo...
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  • AMD Platform QoS features

    Platform QoS features are suposed to allow L3 cache allocation/monitoring as well as memory BW allocation as per http://developer.amd.com/wp-content/resources/56420.pdf  .    I cant find any tool ...
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  • Whether AMD EPYC 2 supports host-to-device PCIe AtomicOps?

    Whether AMD EPYC 2 supports host-to-device PCIe AtomicOps?   This post said that AMD EPYC does not support PCIe AtomicOps If AMD EPYC support PCIe AtomicOps host-to-device transactions?    &#...
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  • Dual 7002 workstation solutions?

    Help! I'm currently stuck with apparently incompatible components, and looking for the most cost effective way to get a dual epyc system running. Work load will be exclusively openfoam cfd. So 16 memory channels, and ...
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  • Questions about hardware and software support on SEV-ES

    Hi, everyone,    I have several questions on SEV-ES.   Does AMD EPYC 7281 support SEV-ES?        Is there any information about which specific EYPC CPU support SEV-ES?   ...
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  • Tech Docs and Whitepapers

    Check out the new look and feel of AMD EPYC Tech Docs and Whitepapers! AMD EPYC™ Tech Docs and White Papers | AMD 
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  • AMD SoC Opteron: 10gbe KR: Auto Negotiation

    Hello,   I am new to this Community. Please help guide me if this needs question/discussion needs to be in some other area.    Has Anyone achieved successful auto negotiation with 10gbe KR link?  ...
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  • SMI problem on AMD Epyc 7301

    Hello! I'm working with AMD Epyc 7301 (AMD64 Family 17h model 00h-0Fh) with QNX (real-time OS) and have SMI interruptions on all CPUs every 32 ms for ~400 us. But in Linux (SLES RT) i dont't see such behaviour a...
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  • Additional hardware events

    For several reasons [1] we’re looking for a way to measure evicts from the L2 to the victim L3 cache. Preliminary results of performance investigations indicate that the L3 is not a “true” victim cac...
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    Is there a way to demonstrate SME is in effect for my processor (EPYC 7000)  What if the Linux kernel is not supporting it?  How would I know?
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  • New AMD64 Technology Platform Quality of Service Extensions Specification Posted on AMD Developer Central

    A specification on Technology Platform Quality of Service Extensions has been posted to AMD Developer Central. You can find it under EPYC Resources > Specs and Manuals or by clicking directly on this link.
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  • EPYC 7501 vs EPYC 7551

    Assuming 2P setup with 2666MHz memory clock: - EPYC 7501 All Core Boost Speed is specified to be 2.60GHz with TDP of 170W, - EPYC 7551 All Core Boost Speed is specified to be 2.55GHz with TDP of 180W.   Is thi...
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