• My 1st build (Advice Needed...)

    So I have completely revamped the build. Open to thoughts. I will mainly use this rig for daily browsing as well as watching YouTube videos. From time to time will game and want the build to support any game out there...
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  • First Time PC Build really need help with compatible GPU's, Thanks.

    Description Its about 10 years old, hence the newish CPU, PSU & RAM sticks. **Looking for a compatible GPU on a shoestring budget.   Upload your rig photos here! Click Edit in the Actions menu to the right...
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  • Black&Red Colossus (Update!)

    My Sysprofile: sysProfile: ID: 186337 - strikerking   My Rig CPU:AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPU Cooler:Cooler Master V8 GTS GPU:RX VEGA 64 Liquid Edition MB:ASUS CROSSHAIR VI HERO RAM:G.Skill Trident Z RGB 2x8GB...
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  • New member

    Hi Everyone,      I just signed up on this forum today.  I have been using and following AMD products since 2004, built my first pc by myself that year with an Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard and...
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  • my Ryzen rig (AI Crystal Cube & liquid cooling)

    hallo,   after AMD Ryzen has been released and the first childhood diseases are eliminated... i have planned my new gaming@2560x1440 (WQHD) and working rig in an AI Crystal Cube with the following parts https://...
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  • New member! Here's my rig!

    Well I'm new here on these forums, just to give you a little background I've been working with building computers for only a little bit. (maybe 2 years?) But ever since I got my first opportunity I've been doing it ev...
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  • Its Snow White :p

    This is my Rig. I need 1 year to make this. As i  made it with savings from my sallery.   CPU intel core i7 4790k devil's canyon 4.0GHz~4.4GHz Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212x with x2 XtraFlow Motherboard M...
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  • What is the main Purpose of your RIG ? What CPU and GPU you use.

    Hi Friends,                    Since many of you people are posting their lovely Rigs, i really want to know what is the purpo...
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  • My AMD Microcube

    Help me get some more AMD power into my Apevia cube and pull the final remaining NVIDIA product out! Please!   Apevia MicroCube Case A-10 7870k APU 4.1 GHz ASUS A88XME Corsair CS650M psu NVIDiA (gross) but m...
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  • White-walker

    Processor:AMD FX8370 Ram:Corsair Vengeance 16GB HDD:128GB Samsung SSD+1TB WD Motherboard:Asus M5A99FX PRO 2.0 Velociraptor+2TB WD BLUE Graphics:Radeon R7 340 4GB DDR5 PSU:Cooler master Thunder 500 Cooling:Coole...
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  • Crazy Overclocking Mini-ITX rig

    Description Greeting from China! This is my skylake setup. I just delid My i5-6400, change IHS to Cool laboratory Liquid Ultra. With my water cooler, I make it overclock to 4.8Ghz with lower than 60 celuis degrees. M...
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  • Why i'm part of the AMDRedteam

    Few simple reasons > ~ Because i got what i paid for ~ Because i bought cpu @2013. and i still don't feel like i need any stronger in 2016. ~ Because i never had issues with redteam components ~ Because much OC po...
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  • XFX R9 390x Black Edition x2?

    I have a XFX R9 390x Black edition GPU and i was wondering since my black edition doesn't have the Crossfire hookup if two of them would still link VIA DX12
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  • Rainbow Mine

    Due to Financial Limitations The CrossFireX Build almost took nearly 3 years for me to build & the later on R9 390 Upgrade took me nearly 1 year to build............................................... I m so satis...
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  • my self built pc spec

    CPU: AMD FX-8350 MOBO: ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 GPU: (3 year old) GTX 660 OC (only) 2 GB MEMORY: 8 GB OC DDR 3 1600MHz HDD:  Toshiba 1 TB (HDD2: 150 GB) Very soon swapped by SSD: SANDISK X400 256 GB SCREEN: ASUS...
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  • All AMD rig i Call The BEAST

    I have Been with AMD since i was 15,22 years now since the K6 2 550mghz Cpu when i built my first Gaming Computer as Always AMD provide more Performance per dollar ..... I now have a Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2 Motherb...
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  • Winter's Snow (work in progress)

    This is my pc. Fx8350 clocked at 4.2ghz, dual R7 370 4gb strix oc cards, 24gb ram hyperx ddr3, 850 watt evga powersupply, msi 970 gaming motherboard, white nzxt H440 case, 3 corsair blue led 120mm fans in the front. I...
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  • AMD gaming PC

    This is my amd gaming and editing pc that i have had for quite some time just upgrade the hardware from time to time. the cpu has been the only thing i haven't changed the past few years. The pictures are from the bui...
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  • Blue Lightning

    Hello everyone, here is my gaming PC that I have been slowing upgrading since 2014 and I doubt it will be finished anytime soon. It has a M5A99FX Pro ASUS Motherboard, FX-6300 CPU cooling it down is a Corsair H75 Liqu...
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  • The "Black Dahlia" budget power house gaming rig

    Greetings!  May I introduce you to the "Black Dahlia", my budget powerhouse gaming rig.  Thanks to some great AMD Faithful, I am able to enjoy plenty of great games at relatively high settings, without break...
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