• Medusa

    Description MultiGPU Compute / GPU Test Rig.       Specifications CPU Still Selecting. Cooler Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB 360mm Liquid CPU Cooler Motherboard1 Still Selecting - AMD. Memory1 Still Sel...
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  • LightningSheep

    My FX 8350 Mobo Finally died and it was finally time for an Upgrade!   Specs: AMD ryzen 3600 Asus b450-E Gskill tridentz 3200 8gb X 4 Antec 1000w psu with ttmod cables Asus strix vega 64 Samsung 970 240gb ssd...
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  • Team Red

    Description I waited till ces in hope the 3rd gen ryzen was going to be announced. I was not willing to wait so i built a ryzen 2700x instead (update 9/26) I personally liked the look of the air cooler better but thi...
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  • Divine Revelation

    Description It's been a while but I figured I'd post my current build, Divine Revelation. I've since moved on to a complete custom loop. This was my first doing a custom loop & am pretty happy w/ it. So here she ...
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  • AMD Fan boy

    Description HTPC & Home server   I have always been an AMD fanboy. Since Team Red starts to kick Team blue's A$$, plus just finished with all my class. i have sometime in my hand, also i watercooled mo...
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  • The Fossil

    Description It can run Diablo 2!           Specifications CPU AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Cooler Stock Motherboard ASRock K8-Combo Z Dual socket (754/939) Memory 2 GB DDR400 Graphics Radeon 9700 P...
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  • GamingNovice!!

    Description First attempt to build a gaming rig. Was excited about Zen2 and RDNA. With 7nm chips, had decided it will be the latest. Enjoyed building this Rig. Over time will add a cooler and other stuff. For now pre...
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  • Vaelore5

    Description High Airflow beast, with 3 front Deepcool CF140 addrgb, 1 CF140 Rear, and the Deepcool Captain set to Exhaust in the roof. With a DeepCool GPU holder/cable hide.     Specifications CPU Ryzen 7 ...
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  • Molten Monolith Mk 3

    Description Updated for Ryzen 3900X   Hello all.  This is a continued update of my Monolith build.  The original Monolith chronicled my update to Ryzen 7 from an FX-8350 based build and can be found he...
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  • Deadpool

    Description Deadpool theme VR rig       Specifications CPU 2600x Cooler Thermaltake W4 plus Motherboard Gigabyte B450I pro wifi Memory T-Force Delta 3200 16G Graphics EVGA 1070 SC Disc Drive 1 Disc...
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  • Disco Zebra

    Description Most recent changes         Specifications CPU I7 8700k Cooler NZXT kracken X62 Motherboard Gigabyte Z370x Gaming 7 Memory 32 gb G skill trident Z Graphics Zotac 2080 super Disc Drive...
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  • Ryzen Blue Navi

    Description Updated my Ryzen Blue with a little Navi, cable extensions, new psu and monitor.       Specifications CPU R5 1600x Cooler Thermaltake Contac Silent 12w/ Corsair ML 120 Pro White Motherbo...
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  • 1967kID gaming

    Description this is my main gaming pc 5700 xt coming soon.   Upload your rig photos here! Click Edit in the Actions menu to the right Click into this area Click the image icon in the text editor bar above to...
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  • Custom Gundam Rig

    Description Needed to upgrade to a real gaming PC bad for a while. This is my second personal build and the first that I could truly game with. I kept it simple with stock cooling and gave it a personality by putting...
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  • Lightbox Build

    Just finished my Ryzen 3700x build. Hope y'all like it.   Spec:   3700x 32 GB Corsair Dominator RGB Pro 3200 @ 3600 Aorus x570 Ultra 3 WD SN750 1TB in RAID0 AMD Radeon VII Lian Li 011 Dynamic 1000 Wa...
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  • Libertas

    Description New 'budget build" Ryzen based gaming PC. A newer, simpler, cheaper version of Maximus  I will update more information later.   Specifications CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processo...
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  • Maximus

    Description Ryzen Build 1. I was hoping to be able to use X570 + Ryzen 3rd Gen Processor but I cannot hold off any longer. I have decided to build X-470 + Ryzen 2700X now.. I do not have the case yet, it is on it's...
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  • Gaming Workstation Combo

    Description This is an enthusiast level gaming workstation combo. The AMD Ryzen 9 3900X and High Performance PowerColor Red Devil 5700 XT 8 GB GPU gives the computer the raw power it needs to function at a high level...
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  • The ResolveR

      Description It was time to make my first build, and, because I wanted an 8K video editing workstation, what better choice than an AMD ThreadRipper and AMD Radeon VII?   http://theresolver.cf   Spe...
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  • Vampire

    Description Watercooled Rig, have decided blue coolant to represent the blood of intel which the components feed on. ;)       Specifications CPU Ryzen 9 3900X Cooler Custom Waterloop Motherboard ROG...
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