• Vega 64 in Battlefield/firestorm

    I had looked on many forums, and I can not fint a work around this. When I do 3Dmark , it reach max Clocks, but in battlefield, it only do it when I am in Menu. When Iam playing any mode or Firestorm it don't go ma...
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  • No thanks AMD

     I find it hard to imagine just what the hell is going though AMD's mind but for the very first time I'm actually mad at AMD.   I've bought AMD cpu's from way back with my first AMD 386 40mhz cpu and a AMD/...
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  • how to utilize radeon hd 5450 on after effects cc2017 and premiere pro cc 2018

    how to utilize radeon hd 5450 on after effects cc2017 and premiere pro cc 2018
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  • AMD at E3 2019 | Next Horizon Gaming

      AMD is headed to E3 2019 for a special #NextHorizonGaming event, and we want to invite our entire Red Team community to participate! On Monday June 10th at 3PM Pacific Time, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su will be taking t...
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  • Shadow of The Tomb Raider mGPU DX12 Crashes

    Radeon, when are you guys gonna fix this issue? SotTR has been out for over half a year and you guys still have not fixed this on VEGA architecture. mGPU works on my Fury X-Fury mGPU system, but crashes on YOUR MODERN...
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  • apex legend optimization

    is it possible to do an optimization for the game apex legend and my computer acer nitro 5 AMD Ryzen 5 2500U RX radeon please
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  • Red Team Community Review : WD Black SN750 Heatsink

            If you've been on Discord you probably know that I work with extreme performance enterprise grade NVM Express drives every day. I work for a company that makes some of the fastest driv...
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  • I need to record games without the mouse cursor!

    is it possible to add option to disable mouse cursor in RELive?
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  • Navi Pricing

    I am getting a very sinking feeling about the upcoming Navi and what it bodes for AMD and the Radeon Group in particular.   There are perhaps a handful of games that the Vega VII can beat an Nvidia 1080 Ti in; h...
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  • How do I connect my high end crt Monitor?

    I bought this cable: https://www.amazon.com/UGREEN-DisplayPort-Adapter-Converter-enabled/dp/B00LM3GF76    I planned to use the DP++ function, but now Im not even sure if my Vega56 can output analog signals...
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  • AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Dedicated GPU?

    I'm Using a ryzen 5 2400g with intricated gpu. But I want to add a dedicated GPU, which will be the best? Like AMD Radeon RX570 4GB or NVIDIA GTX1050ti or GTX1650 4GB? Please tell me.
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  • AMD RYZEN 3000 seris

    hey there i am a youtuber,a student and a gamer. Being a gamer i am highly inpressed by ryzen 3000 series. Can AMD send me any of their ryzen 3000 series powered laptops so that i can make a review on it.
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  • Vega Frontier undervolting/overclocking

    I read everywhere that it's possible to undervolt and/or overclock Vega 64 and 56 using WattMan; I tried to install newest Adrenalin drivers, but they "magically" turn into Radeon Pro drivers, hence no WattMan at all....
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  • PSU : Rosewill Photon 850

         I reached out to Rosewill to see if they would be interested in having me take a gander at the Photon 850 because I've been using their PSUs for some time. I have to stay that I'm honestly re...
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  • Ryzen 3rd Gen Processors to support A320M Motherboards?

    Hey guys, I currently own an ASUS EX-A320M Gaming motherboard for my pc. i am really looking forward to upgrading to the new AMD Ryzen 3rd generation processor. My question is that will my motherboard support the new ...
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  • Vermello Glow

    My all red, all AMD build.  Vega 64 w 2700x.  Also currently building rig with Radeon VII and hopefully soon a Ryzen 3900x.  Not nearly as pretty as other builds on here...just showing my love for all t...
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  • Ryzen 2700X & VEGA 64 (w/ Benchmarks Test)

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  • RADEON VII vs RTX 2080 (Stock Clocks) Benchmarks Test in 8 Games

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  • Can AMD Radeon R5 240 Support Relive?

    k so im not finish yet im going to buy AMD Radeon R5 240 (i already buy it) so i want to know can it support Relive and NFS Payback?    
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  • My AMD Is Not Upgrading

    So i have AMD Radeon HD 6800 idk i dont remember But i only know it does not upgradingpls halp me
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