• Lenovo G40-80 video card

    I have a Lenovo G40-80 notebook, it has a 2GB AMD R5 M230 video card, after I changed the sdd and installed windows, I no longer recognize the video card, I used the video card drive itself, more talk there is no vide...
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  • Pins coated in grey. Is it ok?

    Hi. I bought a second hand AMD A10-9700E processor. Couple of pins are covered in grey coat. This is not my first AMD AM4 processor (i have also ryz 5 3800x and ryz 5 2600) and i have never seen pins like this before...
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  • RX 5700 XT Sudden Black Screen

    My system: AMD Graphics CardRadeon RX 5700 XT  Operating SystemWindows 10 64bit Driver version installedRadeon Software Version 20.4.2 Display DevicesAOC G2590VXQ, connected via Display Port. Motherboard...
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  • GPU driver crash

    when i played for honor today the game crashed and then windows said that my gpu drivers crashed. it happend a lot and sometimes i could tell before it whould crash because i could see the pixels disapere. i have curr...
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  • Default GPU settings crash help

    Wondering if anyone can help me with an issue im having with my system, if i leave the radeon gpu settings on balanced, turbo, or sometimes auto overclock it crashes but not sure why. Sometimes i think the gpu speed g...
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  • What age do you need to be to join AMD Red Team on Twitch?

    Hey Red Team, I am a streamer on Twitch and I want to join the "AMD Red Team" team on Twitch. At what age are you allowed to join. If you know, please let me know.   Thanks.
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  • Why is my iGPU the one that is seen as the GPU connected to my Display?

    My laptop has two GPU's it has an RX560X and a Radeon Vega 8 GPU. For some reason, only the vega 8 is seen as my display GPU.  This causes issues with my games because they only see the IGPU vRAM.    ...
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  • Ryzen 7 1700 memory speed question

    Hi there.  A few days ago I rebuilt my computer after the previous motherboard and / or CPU failed.  I'd got both second hand for £60 over three years ago, so it did OK I guess.  Anyway, I've gone ...
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  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6770 won't launch some games

    I have an HP Pavilion dv6-6180us. The 2 GPUs it has are Intel Graphics 3000 and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6770. Some games, primarily games that run in the Unity or Unreal engine, will not launch unless I use them on the...
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  • I have problems in installing AMD drivers on my Win10 v1806.

    I have laptop (Acer Aspire E1-572G). I've installed Win10 v1806, downloaded updates at Win Update Service, successfully installed chipset and Intel Graphics drivers and downloaded latest drivers from AMD website for m...
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  • can reballing amd gpu chipset do any good ?

    hello everyone i have bought a second handed rog strix rx 580 8GB i assume it was used for mining but i only used it for gaming purposes one day i had so much display freezes and locks up even my gpu temp dcresed f...
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  • Low fps in RX580 8GB

    I purchased new rx 580 graphics card, I tried playing far cry 5 but i am getting fps around 40 or less in all the settings. I also tried games like don bradman 14 and euro truck simulator also, in these games also am ...
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  • having display crashes

    hello everyone  im having problem with my display which crashes and locks up i have done several things during crash like unplug and plug back mouse and keyboard ports and some hotkey command like ctrl+alt+dele...
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  • laptop performance

    my laptop performance is slow but its new ..i buyed it last week only and gaming performance is sucking... cant even play pubg...m please help me out
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  • GPU Radeon RX 550/550 se pierde video

    cuando entro a jugar cualquier juego, bajo o media calidad a media partida se pierde video y se pone pantalla negra¨
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  • Ryzen master does not install

    I downloaded Ryzen  master installed it but it does not show up on my desktop although it apperars here  in C:\AMD  folder as this   ,but when i look for ryzen master in C:\Program Files\...
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  • Rx5700 xt Radeon Live Streaming Issue!

    Why is my Live Streaming Video Quality distorted after the latest Update? using rx5700 xt oc  
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  • My RX5600XT keeps crashing

    I own a Gigabyte RX5600XT gaming OC-6GB, I have been experiencing game crashes which occur at random and BSOD while exiting full screen on YouTube. Sometimes I can get an hour in and sometimes it crashes five minutes ...
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  • Rx 570 lag and stutter

    I bought a rx 570 for 600 dollars at best buy for some reason has never worked good at all  I have tried everything imaginable with no luck. was thinking about An AMD processor  But if it is of the same qu...
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  • RX 5700xt

    У меня такая проблема, что бывает просто сижу смотрю сериал и тут Бам синий экран и показывает проблему atikmpag.sys !!!! драйвера уже не раз переустанавливал!! помогите с чем могут быть проблемы?
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