• WX 3200 under Windows 10 Apps shuffle after standby

    Hello,    my config: Windows 10 ENT B2004 fullfixed, AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200 driver build 20.Q2.1, four ACER 1920x1200 display port LCDs.   problem: After screentimeout (15 min.) and relogon, all...
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  • UPDATED: #AMDRedTeam Summer VLAN Party

      UPDATED July 24, 1:23PM CT:   We've updated the rules to now include prizing! Scroll down to check out the newly updated giveaway rules and see what's up for grabs.    Whether you're hopi...
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  • RX 5700 XT Sudden Black Screen

    My system: AMD Graphics CardRadeon RX 5700 XT  Operating SystemWindows 10 64bit Driver version installedRadeon Software Version 20.4.2 Display DevicesAOC G2590VXQ, connected via Display Port. Motherboard...
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  • A8 R5 7410 Windows 10, problem with drivers.

    Hi!, My laptop: HP 15-af002ax AMD A8-7410, with R5 graphics, 8gb RAM, new hdd. etc.   Years ago, when I bought this, it was runnning perfect.... But, when I updated it to Win 10 I never found a correct driver,...
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  • Promotional Deals ?

    My name is CwxlL and I have just started building PCs as a business venture. I am curious if anyone knows of any good deals or free things that could help me get started. 
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  • AMD Radeon HD7670m Driver issue

    Hi, i am Venkatesh, i am Using the HP Pavilion G6 2231tx model laptop, 4 GB Ram & Intel HD Graphics 4000- with AMD Radeon HD 7670m 1 GB Graphics, i have purchased my laptop in 2013 november, Recently i am get...
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  • Msi Gaming X RX 5600 XT problems (i think)

    I just finished my first pc and I have some issues with it. It's a ryzen 5 3600, rx 5600 xt msi gaming x, 16 gb ram corsair vengeage at 3200 mhz, b450 aorus elite atx and 1tb hdd 120gb ssd and a cv650 corsair psu. Aft...
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  • Why AMD still has an uphill battle

    I came across the following video and it basically exemplifies why AMD has an uphill battle among those I call  "Computer User, Non-Technical".     My comment on the video:   Before I tell you ...
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  • Hello, I need help please

    I'm having problems with screen freezing during games (DOTA 2, CS, Warface) detail, in CS I have a mini cingelamento and the game comes back without the audio, in DOTA the game freezes and sometimes comes back, and so...
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  • 5700 XT causing computer Crashing

    My rig displayed on pcpartpicker.com:    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/C6Mg9G    I recently got my hands on a Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT as an upgrade. I ensured that my old drivers were...
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  • GPU driver crash

    when i played for honor today the game crashed and then windows said that my gpu drivers crashed. it happend a lot and sometimes i could tell before it whould crash because i could see the pixels disapere. i have curr...
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  • Slow speeds on NVME (Commong issue on X570)

    So after googling i see A LOT of people with the same problem. I've got a Seagate Firecuda 520 NVME 2TB Drive (On a MSI MPG X570 Gaming PRO CARBON WiFi) that's supposed to have read/write speeds of 5000 MB/s / 44...
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  • 5700XT weird flicker

    Good morning all   I have just bought a Gigabyte 5700XT OC   Currently when playing games I have a weird glitch when I move my mouse from side to side, when I move quickly there is almost an artifact that...
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  • Probably a Vulkan driver bug

    The program is simple, I just draw a rectangle( 2 triangle with 4 vertices and 6 indices ),  I captured the frame with RenderDoc, all vertex output is right, but when it step into fragment shader, one vertex's da...
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  • Nvidia set to become a sales division of AMD?

    I found the following video from Gamers Nexus to be very eye opening:     Nvidia will be announcing their new generation of Graphics Cards this month (and will probably launch on the 9th of  Septembe...
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  • To Red Team - how long does moderating take?

    I created an article entitled Why AMD still has an uphill battle which was my public comment to a video exemplifying how unaware a wider audience is to AMD and the quality of its CPUs vis-à-vis Intel. I got a ...
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  • Can RX 580/590 work on a legacy Bios based motherboard?

    Hello   Can RX 580/590 work on a legacy bios based motherboard (non uefi) I have very old MSI 760GA-P43(FX). I tried 5600 XT and 5700 - both dont work, had to return them. Can somebody help, will rx 580/590 (...
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  • BryanNitro's BEAST4

    BEAST4 CPU: AMD Ryzen 2600  GPU: XFX RX 5500 XT THICC   Motherboard: MSI Tomohawk B450  RAM: Corsair 16gb (2x8gb) 3000mhz / Adata 16gb (2x8gb) 3000mhz Power Supply: EVGA 600w 80+ Whi...
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  • Crucial MX500 2TB SSD Upgrade, System Cleanup & Tour of the TYR!

    Hey all   Two days ago I bought a new SSD for my games and storage for my main system it's a Micron Crucial MX500 2TB SSD, and the Corsair Force 3 240GB is my C Drive and that was the SSD I used for the past 6...
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  • AMD Ryzen 7 4800U Review, Mind Boggling Performance at 15W

    Detailed posting's originally posted here @ Level1Techs forum: https://forum.level1techs.com/t/amd-ryzen-7-4800u-review-mind-boggling-performance-at-15w/161332    Here's Hardware UnBoxed review of AMD's Ry...
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