• AMD A10 7850k R7 DualGraphic's

    Can R7 IGD(iGPU) and R7 240 GPU work in Dual Graphics in 2020/21 ??   Since i buy my processor A10 and the R7 240 Graphic Card thise year, i culdn't set the Dualgraphic options. it's becouse AMD doesn't support...
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  • RTX 3000 and what i think

    Hy my fellow Red Teamers!  September 1st. marked the Presentation of the new RTX Cards.   For me as a long time AMD user it was really cool to see what Nvidia has done with RTX and AI. Yes, they are on th...
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  • Overheating 89 Degree Celsius

    Hi, I am using AMD Radeon (TM) R5 M335 with CPU Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-6200U , 12GB RAM, VRAM 4096MB. Laptop Dell Inspiron 15 5559.    The problem is when I'm playing games/rendering videos with this Card i...
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  • Doubt - Temperature activate fans on RX580

    Hello colleagues, I notice that my radeon, always remains stable with the temperature between 40°C ~ 45°C but its fans are not activated. Is it common or do I need to worry and correct?   I confess ...
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  • Post Deleted by User

    Post Deleted by User
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  • AMD R# 5000 series Naming Scheme

    Now that AMD has officially decided to skip R# 4000 series to help synchronize the APU & CPU naming schemes for their product lines, please assure us AMD Fans that you're going to implement the new naming scheme c...
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  • Updating my definitive guide to configuring the Ryzen 3900X/3950X and all other 3000 Series CPUs

    In the months that have passed since I started experimenting with the Ryzen 5 3600X on my X470 motherboard (GigaByte X470 AURUS Gaming 7 WiFi Rev. 1.1 and then helping my friend configure his Ryzen 3900X on his mother...
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  • Expected CineBench R20 performance of the 5900X

    Having spent a lot of time experimenting with first my 3600X and then my 3950X which I paid for (and with a 3900X my friend loaned me), as opposed to the Tech Media and Tech YouTubers who basically just tried to treat...
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  • Live GPS Fleet Tracking+Fleet Management Software | Matrack

    MATRACK Best GPS Fleet Tracking Device for truck tracking, trailer tracking, asset tracking and other fleet management solutions like ELD for trucking and transports
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  • No Signal after Monitor-Standby | RX5700XT (XFX THICC II)

    Computer Type: Desktop custom build GPU: 5700XT XFX THICC II CPU: R7 2700 Motherboard: ASUS PRIME B450-PLUS RAM: G.Skill 3200MHz 16GB Kit PSU: 600W BeQuiet Operating System & Version: Win 10 1909 GPU Driver...
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  • Proof of stock settings degrading 3rd Gen Ryzen performance

    About a year ago (beginning of August 2019), not long after Third Gen Ryzen was released I bought the hardware my friend in Sweden needed to build his new computer.   I had a spare Gen 2 512 GB NVME M.2, a 512 G...
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  • Lenovo G40-80 video card

    I have a Lenovo G40-80 notebook, it has a 2GB AMD R5 M230 video card, after I changed the sdd and installed windows, I no longer recognize the video card, I used the video card drive itself, more talk there is no vide...
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  • How to claim my world of warcraft shadow lands for the purchase of rx 5600 xt

    I bought my RX 5600 XT on July 18, 2020 in Peru, "CyC Computer" store in Lima, and they didn't tell me I could claim the WoW Shadow Lands patch. Could someone help me claim the game?
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  • pixelated shadows on warzone. I use rx 5500 xt is there any solution?

    pixelated shadows on Call of Duty: Warzone. I use rx 5500 xt is there any solution? please reply ASAP
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  • Auto rollback?

    Today i have seen that, The new released version was rollback to old version automatically.  The new version was update automatically for my PC tomorrow but today its auto rollback. Why? Anyone know the is...
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  • Help

    when i installed ryzen master on my laptop with ryzen7 3700U IT WAS showing unsupported processor?please HELP!!!!
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  • my new update graphics lagging on a6-5200 radeon HD

    hi, pls i need help. i updated my amd a6-5200 with radeon HD and now i have this lags. i cant really use the pc. 
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  • AMD FX 6300 Six Core CPU

    Hello there   I got myself a pc 2 years ago it featured AMD FX 6300 Sx Core processor and now I am wondering why does in task manager say 3 cores and not 6 is this some scam that has now been released to the pub...
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  • Rx 5600 XT weird problems

    So i just bought a gigabyte Rx 5600 XT 2 weeks ago, and since I put the video card I'm having issues like games crashing, green screen and black screen, that only solve restarting the pc, but today I just had a new pr...
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  • Problems with AMD Settings

    Such a problem, when I try to go into the settings of the amd, they stupidly do not start, I look in the task manager, and there this process appears and immediately dies! I do not know what to do, I looked for inform...
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