• NO "FRTC" Frame Rate Target Control with Radeon Software 20.8.1

    Hello again ; ) I am sooo saaad to announce that AMD "again" forgot to give us back our most wanted feature!   FRAME RATE TARGET CONTROL "F R T C" Dear AMD. I will not rest! Thank you.
    created by ghost13
  • pixel or similar problem in rx 5600xt

    Has anyone had this problem? It is an rx5600xt card when I just bought it nothing was wrong, for a couple of months they presented green screens and these pixels someone who has a solution, this happens sometimes or i...
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  • AMD: Marketing VS Reality!

    AMD: Marketing VS Reality!     Marketing:   Reality:   I own a X370-F and it has been more than 6 months without any bios update, no ABBA 1.04 with per CCX overclocking. AMD sold me a 3600 w...
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  • GPU turned off on RUST loading

    Hello guys, last 3 days i noticed strange issue with game RUST, when i join any server, fans on GPU are going on crazy mode and turn off my display ( it looks like overheating ) but while my overlay with stats was act...
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  • Grey Screem when i'm playing

    Describe your system: AMD Graphics CardAsus TUF Gaming rx5600XT 6gb OC Desktop or Laptop Systema recently assembled pc Operating SystemWindows 10 64bit whitout pending updates Driver version installedRadeon Softwar...
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  • 5700 XT causing computer Crashing

    My rig displayed on pcpartpicker.com:    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/C6Mg9G    I recently got my hands on a Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT as an upgrade. I ensured that my old drivers were...
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  • Msi Gaming X RX 5600 XT problems (i think)

    I just finished my first pc and I have some issues with it. It's a ryzen 5 3600, rx 5600 xt msi gaming x, 16 gb ram corsair vengeage at 3200 mhz, b450 aorus elite atx and 1tb hdd 120gb ssd and a cv650 corsair psu. Aft...
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  • Why AMD still has an uphill battle

    I came across the following video and it basically exemplifies why AMD has an uphill battle among those I call  "Computer User, Non-Technical".     My comment on the video:   Before I tell you ...
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  • Updating my definitive guide to configuring the Ryzen 3900X/3950X and all other 3000 Series CPUs

    In the months that have passed since I started experimenting with the Ryzen 5 3600X on my X470 motherboard (GigaByte X470 AURUS Gaming 7 WiFi Rev. 1.1 and then helping my friend configure his Ryzen 3900X on his mother...
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  • 3900x fixed voltage 1.2v dangerous?

    Hello there I got myself new pc pieces including a 3900x with a asus tuf x570 - cooler dark rock 4 I mainly use the computer when I come from work ( using 3dsmax for rendering and a bit of gaming as well )   Bu...
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  • What GPU do I need?

    G'day,  I've upgraded my system to Windows 10 and bought a 4k monitor. Sadly my old Radeon HD 6800 is struggling. Would anyone have a suggestion on what I should get to replace it?   Usage: Dual Monitors ...
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  • Low GPU usage RX 5700XT

    OK need help, actually I recommeded RX5700XT saphire OC SE to friend that has been sceptical to AMD so far, wanted to convice him as I have the same card and works as charm for me.   i7-6700 GIGABYTE B150M-HD3 ...
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  • A8 R5 7410 Windows 10, problem with drivers.

    Hi!, My laptop: HP 15-af002ax AMD A8-7410, with R5 graphics, 8gb RAM, new hdd. etc.   Years ago, when I bought this, it was runnning perfect.... But, when I updated it to Win 10 I never found a correct driver,...
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  • why my vga just 80 mb

    any body know ?? how to fix it ?? why my laptop vga just 80 Mb my vga AMD Radeon R5
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  • WX 3200 under Windows 10 Apps shuffle after standby

    Hello,    my config: Windows 10 ENT B2004 fullfixed, AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200 driver build 20.Q2.1, four ACER 1920x1200 display port LCDs.   problem: After screentimeout (15 min.) and relogon, all...
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  • Please fix my amd prism cooler

    Hello please everyone can help me? my USB header for AMD prism is connected to USB 2.0 And i dont know why this happening why im gaming? i will show you the video. i don't know what to do  
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  • No Signal after Monitor-Standby | RX5700XT (XFX THICC II)

    Computer Type: Desktop custom build GPU: 5700XT XFX THICC II CPU: R7 2700 Motherboard: ASUS PRIME B450-PLUS RAM: G.Skill 3200MHz 16GB Kit PSU: 600W BeQuiet Operating System & Version: Win 10 1909 GPU Driver...
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  • AMD Radeon ver 20.4.? not compatible with FH4

    I have recently had an issue with the game Forza Horizon 4 not working and after some research and a possible confirmation on what i did to fix it i believe the issue is in the ver 20.4.? optional drivers. https:...
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  • Someone Help me pls

    Can someone help me with my sound card and on the R5 230 it is in the older version, I am trying to update it for a long time - the latest is not possible to update it or device manager or amd panel anyone please help me
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  • AMD Ryzen 3 3200G Gráficos Vega 8 problema

    Hola, estoy teniendo un inconveniente con la APU. Al momento de jugar se me pone la pantalla azul con diversos errores uno de ellos THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER ó KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE, entre otros. L...
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