• No thanks AMD

     I find it hard to imagine just what the hell is going though AMD's mind but for the very first time I'm actually mad at AMD.   I've bought AMD cpu's from way back with my first AMD 386 40mhz cpu and a AMD/...
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  • support: no video

    Good Morning , so I install the vega drivers, when I reboot the computer, only the windows 10 screen appears and then the video does not work, can anyone help me? athlon 200ge + asrock a320m-dgs BIOS: p5.80
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  • How do i keep my RX 570 cool via software?

    My Rx 570 is at 41 to 47 c  while im browsing and on 70 to 85 on load.How can i reduce my temps?
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  • Physx support for AMD GPU

    There's a lot of games with Physx and it would be nice to have those optimized for AMD GPU
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  • Ryzen 3700x + X370 Crosshair Hero VI with 7201 Bios Failure

    Good afternoon! I bought the 3700x with the hope of Upgrade guaranteed. I asked Asus support in Brazil for details about 3gen support, it was confirmed with support from Bios No. 7002. I upgraded to the last bios anno...
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  • AMD Red Team 3DMark Scoreboard

    Thought for the overclockers and tweakers among us we might have a benchmark thread to post some scores and have some fun with Now this is just for fun, leave your e-peen at the door on the way in ok?   Moving f...
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  • What is your favorite Ryzen processor of all time?

    We now have 3 generations of Ryzen processors and I believe we can all agree that they perform really well.  As the title suggests, what is your favorite Ryzen processor during those 3 generations and why?  ...
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  • how much do you charge for your wisdom?

    gday how are ya? if by any chance your wisdom is free , is it 'possible' to have say a different layout of componentry than we also seem to see, I don't know much but to me it seems that everything must go through the...
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  • Which are the suitable GPU for Ryzen 3 2200g?

    Hi, Can you please suggest the best suitable GPU for R3 2200g?
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  • Is RAM shared between the CPU and GPU?

    I have just bought an Asus Laptop equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U CPU and an AMD Radeon Vega 8 GPU. My Laptop is running Windows 10 64 bits. It has 8 Mb DDR4 RAM installed but only 5,95 Mb RAM usable according to t...
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  • Ryzen Series Custom Liquid Cooler Design

    So I am a mechanical designer and I am interested in designing a new type of cooler for the Ryzen processors.  I have had this idea for a while but I am looking for some interest and feedback from AMD/The Communi...
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  • RX 470 bios flash

    Hi. i just want to know what is the purpose of Atiflash 287 bios ? i have powercolor red dragon and i was having heat issues when My GPU goes 90C i informed seller and he copied atiflash 287 bios and some power color ...
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  • Farcry 3 Graphics Settings for the R9 270 2GB

    So Farcry 3 v1.05 is a very good game and according to HardOCP back in 2012, Pitcairn delivers good performance... but how just good in 2019?   [H]ardOCP: Far Cry 3 Video Card Performance and IQ Review  &...
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  • Shadow of The Tomb Raider mGPU DX12 Crashes

    Radeon, when are you guys gonna fix this issue? SotTR has been out for over half a year and you guys still have not fixed this on VEGA architecture. mGPU works on my Fury X-Fury mGPU system, but crashes on YOUR MODERN...
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  • how to fix curupted bios with Dual bios(no bios switch)

    Hello Guys I've enocuntered problem which i can not solve. I own a motherboard  gigabyte aorus b450 pro  with dual bios. I had to update bios cuz USB compability issue.  During update computer froze ...
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  • RX 5000 series and VSR

    Hi Guys,   I'm interested in getting a Navi card and I have a question for anyone who has an RX 5000 series card or any AMD staff:   I have a Vega 56 and currently the max resolutions/refresh rates available...
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  • Red Team Community Review : WD Black SN750 Heatsink

            If you've been on Discord you probably know that I work with extreme performance enterprise grade NVM Express drives every day. I work for a company that makes some of the fastest driv...
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  • RX5700XT DirectX ,Vsync, Freesync and Enhanced Sync Issue

    Hi, I just bought RX5700XT 2 days ago. So I tried to play a game with it and I found out that one of these DirectX ,Vsync, Freesync, Enhanced Sync will cause the driver to crash.   Has anyone face the similar ...
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  • i did not get xbox game pass for 3 months after purchasing from newegg

    Hi Guys! I just purchased my Ryzen 5 3600 at newegg and RX 5700 XT at amazon. the sad thing is their customer support told me that their product does not include this xbox game pass. can anyone help me get one?
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  • 5700xt Crossfire support

    5700xt Crossfire support
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