• Kernel power 41 rx5700xt

    I have a problem and I have no idea how to fix it. All games are launched and  playing at 1080 60 fps + without any stutters and freezing. I don’t have any problems, but the other day I decided to inst...
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  • Has the Dual Monitor Flicker with Radeon VII been resolved?

    I cant seem to find much in regards to a solution on the forms here, i do see numerous individuals with the issue though.   The issue is that when two monitors are connected with a Radeon VII you get random scre...
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  • AMD Xbox Game Pass for PC VLAN Party

        It’s been an exciting summer of events for AMD fans and gamers around the world, and what better way to cap that off than with a good ol’ fashioned VLAN? It’s time to once again gather ...
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  • Does BIOS control thermal shutdown or does the CPU

    I have a Ryzen 5 2600 and I am wondering if there is some sort of sensor built into the CPU that detects max. temperature or if the BIOS sends the CPU a shutdown code when it reaches a certain temperature. Just curiou...
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  • I'm looking for a driver. Radeon HD 6400M / 7400M Series

    Goodnight. could you help me find the link to the next controller. Radeon HD 6400M / 7400M Series thank you
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  • Ryzen 9 3900X availability and re-sale market

    So I think the title explains it all. I'm looking to upgrade my PC for the first time in about 5 or 6 years. I still have the trusty old FX-8370 paired up with an RX480, and I have had this set up all the way back whe...
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  • AMD Red Team 3DMark Scoreboard

    Thought for the overclockers and tweakers among us we might have a benchmark thread to post some scores and have some fun with Now this is just for fun, leave your e-peen at the door on the way in ok?   Moving f...
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  • 5700xt drivers causing crashes at random but frequently

    Recently, I built my first rig. It is composed of a saphire 5700xt reference, 3700x(stock clocks), 16 gb tridentz 3200, Aorus Pro Wifi x570, and a seasonic 650w platinum psu. I have been recieving crashes at complete ...
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  • Back to AMD after 1 year and still can't get Black Bars in Quake

    1 year ago I made a similar thread asking for help on how to force 4:3 aspect ratio black bars in the game Quake Champions (the game can be downloaded and played for free via Steam). Back then I tried all the possible...
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  • Dota 2 Graphics / Performance Optimisation

    For those who have older / weaker GPUs and/or like to play Dota 2 with a cool, silent system, i share below my configuration settings for a reliable 60 fps. In my view you get most of the eye candy compared to max det...
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  • my radeon rx 5700 xt 50

    Hi, I'm having issue with my computer mostly Blue screen, I did an update for everything and I did a pc rest, after all, that it was running better load time was good but after I finish installing everything and try t...
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  • Red Team Rewind: September 2019

    Introduction   What’s up, Red Team? From recent events to upcoming goodness, we’re here with your very first Red Team Rewind to keep you updated on all the latest ways to connect with the AMD Red Tea...
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  • [OFF-TOPIC] People saying things that certain AMD products can't do

    I have an    PC > HP Compaq 6005 Pro SFF Hard Drive > 2TB CPU: 2x AMD Athlon II X2 B24 3.0Ghz GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4200 256MB Shared Memory (Came with this) (Upgraded to > "MSI"/AMD Radeon R7 240...
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  • stripes on my asus screen

    good day My query is as follows. A few days ago my laptop asus model K45DR began to appear some stripes on the screen.. Sample Image I thought they were the drivers, so I drew them down and with the basic windo...
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  • I Need what AMD make reach a 100% of implementation of OpenGL driver in Radeon HD 6000 series

    Hi! I have a AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB gddr5 and in Linux don't support all features of the hardware GPU, this in Windows support to OpenGL 4.4, but in Linux only support OpenGL 3.1, I need a driver either owner or open ...
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  • After effect and openGL

    Hi guys,   I am pretty new here and excited to be part of this community   I have a basic straightforward question that I hope somebody will be able to answer.   I really can't understand how to swit...
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  • Follow Train! (Need followers? Post in this thread!)

    I have noticed a fair number of "Help Me i need followers" or "New- need follows" posts, so I figured one post for everyone to join in on would probably be useful! Post your comments below & lets get this follow t...
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  • When AMD will fix all the issues with drivers for RX series ?

    I really love RX 5700 XT, but the drivers for this card are just terrible. BSOD with 19.8.1 version and higher when using Hardware Acceleration, BSOD if using Enhanced Sync or VSR. I mean, there's so much functionalit...
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  • Leaderboards and Profile Points

    Doesn't look like these points are accruing these days.  Has this system been eliminated?  Just curious as I have noticed the points listed in my profile page haven't changed the past couple of weeks.
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  • 5700 XT black screens, system reboots etc.

    Hello all, I have a 5700xt, R5 3600X, MSI X570 Gaming Plus, EVGA 850W PSU, 16 gigs 3200 Team RAM (2x8g) and WIN 10 (their latest hot mess) and I get black screens while playing WoW of all things.  Yes I have the ...
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