AMD 50th Anniversary VLAN Recap

Blog Post created by gfroniewski Employee on May 15, 2019

Howdy Red Team!


We’re spending 2019 celebrating AMD’s 50th Anniversary, and we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the fun we’ve already had this year as a community. From our 50th Anniversary VLAN last Saturday and the launch of the #AMD50 Stories contest to a special surprise you’ll find out about below, there are a lot of exciting things happening (and only more to come)!


AMD 50th Anniversary VLAN



On May 4th, our AMD Stream Team joined forces with all of you to host a day of games, fun, and giveaways. We can’t thank you enough for coming out to join in on the celebration, and what a celebration it was! All in all, we had about 2,600 of you hanging out in Twitch and Discord playing some of your favorite games and vying for a chance to win some awesome prizes.



We gave away four massive hardware bundles with 50th Anniversary products as well as copies of World War Z to our lucky winners, and we’re already looking forward to playing with you all again soon. In the meantime, our Stream Team is live every day, and they’re always happy to have you hanging out and chatting on our Twitch channel.


#AMD50 Stories


Another way we’ve been getting the community involved in the anniversary fun is through the #AMD50 Stories contest, where you have the opportunity to highlight some of your favorite AMD memories from over the years.


We’re still accepting entries until May 17th, but we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our favorites so far:



w00t Doc and his friends enjoying the launch of Athlon 64. Nothing beats a launch event where you walk away with prizes!



Spending quality time with dad and hoping that everything went right with your first build!



Giddily returning home with your brand-new video card ready to enter a new age of gaming.



And, of course, meeting the love of your life and landing your dream job.


There are plenty more stories where that came from, and we want to hear yours too! Visit our posts on the Ryzen and Radeon Twitter pages to submit your favorite AMD memory for a chance to win some sweet 50th Anniversary hardware. We'll be selecting the winners randomly, and you can find the full rules here.


Last but not least... we're getting a fresh new look!


Many of you have been with us for years, and you've seen our style change over time. With it being AMD's 50th Anniversary, we're celebrating the past but also looking forward to the future. Without further ado, here's the new logo for all things Red Team:



As we look to continually grow the Red Team and establish ourselves as the very best gaming community to be part of, we want to make sure our style grows with it. This new logo is modern and refreshing while still maintaining the sleek, angular look we've come to know and love from our past branding. 


We're so excited to start the next chapter on our community's journey, and this is just the beginning. Be on the lookout for changes that will take place on Twitch, our website, and right here on the forums. Over the next few months we'll be updating our online presence with our new look as well as offering you a variety of new content to explore. 


Thanks to each and every one of you for making the AMD Red Team the amazing community that it is. We look forward to making it even better, and we're thrilled to have you all be an integral part of that process.