AMD Red Team Update

Blog Post created by erin.maiorino Employee on Jun 21, 2018

Welcome to the new and improved AMD Red Team!


AMD Red Team is a community for AMD product owners and fans of the brand. It’s a community to collaborate with, to show off your expertise, and most importantly, to make new friends! Whether you’re into exceptional PC builds, 3D design, or competitive gaming, AMD has the products to help you out and we want to keep you connected with others like you.


Looking to join? Head on over to the AMD Red Team newsletter form to sign up onto the team! Keep connected with the rest of the crew on our community forums, on the AMD Red Team Discord server, or with #AMDRedTeam on Twitter. After joining, you can show off your Red Team love with wallpapers from our Digital Fan Kit or just by strutting your stuff in one of our Red Team t-shirts you can get from our community meetups.


As for the new and improved part, we’re adding four new teams under the Red Team banner to provide spotlights to all of your skills, interests, and excitement for everything AMD. These teams are exciting opportunities for those who really want to get involved with AMD and Red Team with their own skills and excitement:


The AMD Red Team Streamers

Are you a fan-favorite streaming personality? Are you just as much of a competitive pro as you are PC hardware guru? The new Red Team Streamers group is for you! The Red Team Streamers will have the chance to stream on the official AMD Twitch channel and be a part of the official streaming schedule. Red Team Streamers will also have the opportunity to power their own channel with AMD equipment!


We’re aiming to have strong, ongoing relationships with the Red Team Streamers. Having a million subscribers is not necessary to join the team, but a certain level of professionalism and consistency in content quality will be important for those of you looking to join.


The AMD Red Team Reviewers

Do you make beautiful unboxing videos? Are you a PC build-log superstar? Do you have an awesome benchmarking setup and enjoy showing off some of the coolest data on this side of the web? The Red Team Reviewers will be made up of talented, excited, and knowledgeable people to review and share AMD products to their audiences.


Red Team Reviewers will create content for video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo as well as blog formats that could make it onto the official Red Team blog! To help make sure you’re only covering what you’re interested in covering, being a Red Team Reviewer is a per-product, per-review basis. This means that new reviews will need new applications, whether you’ve been a Red Team Reviewer before or not. Per-review applications will also help us keep all the details in order, so we can make sure that you’re getting the support you need for a successful review.


The AMD Red Team Street Team

Our Street Team may feel a bit more familiar. The Street Team is made up of the most involved and enthusiastic of the Red Team community. This team keeps involved with all of the Red Team events: our official VLANs, getting together at local outings, and meeting with AMD at our favorite trade shows. Members of the Street Team will be helping out with these events and promoting what AMD is up to via their own social channels and community efforts. This team will be comprised of the names you recognize, respect, and rely on to keep up to date with the biggest things going on with AMD and the Red Team!


Similar to the Red Team Reviewers, the Street Team will be on a per-event basis. This means that if you’re only available to join us at a convention near your home or if you’re only into getting the VLANs together, you won’t feel pressured into being on every single thing that’s going on if you don’t want to be.


The AMD Red Team Students

For the unique experiences found on college and university campuses worldwide, we’re fleshing out Red Team Students to give student communities their own spotlight. Are you studying 3D design and can’t get enough of our professional hardware? Do you have a knack for technical writing and love to show off the fine details of the tech world? Do you have a killer case mod with AMD hardware to show off at your gaming club’s LAN parties? We want to be a part of your passion that’s taking you through the rigors of higher education!


AMD Red Team Students will be an empowered student ambassador program. This team is passionate about how AMD’s products and brand fit into their work and play. The goal is to reach new students, excite others about AMD products, and manage the brand on a collegiate level. Whether it’s YouTube videos or meetups, we want you to do what gets your campus and classmates excited for AMD and the Red Team!


If any of the new teams sound like they might be for you, head over to the main Red Team Page and apply!


For our Red Team veterans: Thank you for being a part of the growing AMD community. Growth often means change, and we’re excited for these updates coming to the Red Team community taking place over the next few months. We believe these changes will make for a stronger Red Team and AMD community as a whole!


We’ve officially closed all applications for Red Team Plus. Red Team Plus has been an important and valued part of AMD and we’re excited to transform the program to new, focused teams that better highlight your individual skills and interests. Red Team Plus members have been transitioned into a new Alum group specifically for the previous members of RTP. We will continue to collaborate with Red Team Alum on supporting the new expanded community.


We’re excited to continue to make the Red Team an even more amazing community than it already is. By introducing the new teams, we're aiming to strengthen community involvement and better highlight the passions and skills of those who bleed Red!


As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out in our AMD Red Team Community Forum if you have any questions or concerns about these upcoming changes.