AMD’s Ruby Marks Her Return with Quake Champions

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AMD’s Ruby Marks Her Return with Quake Champions

by Annie Lee


Guess who’s back?




AMD’s iconic Ruby returns! Years after being dormant from her adventures, Ruby is making her appearance once more in the public eye—this time, as a skin for Nyx in Bethesda’s highly-anticipated arena shooter Quake Champions.


Nyx Becomes Ruby in Quake Champions


Our beloved Ruby takes after the fashion of Nyx, the playable assassin in the fast-paced arena shooter. With her abilities like “Ghost Walk” and a stealthy approach to fragging players, Ruby/Nyx is going to be one delightful character to speed around with.


Are you eager to play as AMD’s treasured hero in this fast-paced arena? Here’s how you can unlock her skin for Nyx:

  • Purchase a Radeon™ RX 580, 570 or 560 from participating retailers, or
  • Purchase a powerful Ryzen™ 5 or Ryzen™ 7 processor from participating retailers
  • To get a code for a “Champions Pack” for Quake Champions


RyzenQC_SocialBnr_1200x630.jpg 1711537-B_RX500_QC-SocialBanners-1920x1080.jpg


Quake Champions is a free-to-play title, but permanent access to specific champions and skins can only be gained through in-game purchase, or by receiving the Quake Champions Pack with the qualifying Radeon and Ryzen products listed above. The Champions Pack will contain all current and future champions, including with the additional Ranger skin and Ruby skin for Nyx. Once you get the Champions Pack, these champions will be in your arsenal forever! The bundle is available now—find out where and how you can get it here.


The Return of Ruby Contest

But that’s not all. To celebrate Ruby’s return, we’re also giving away a Radeon RX 570 in the “Return of Ruby” Twitter contest.


It’s easy:


Yup, that’s it. Imagine that—all you have to do is retweet and you may win a Radeon RX 500 Series graphics card. Check the T&Cs for full details!


So—are you ready to enter the arena? Get the Quake Champions Bundle now!


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