What To Look For in a Laptop

Blog Post created by nelstar15 on Feb 24, 2017

So, you’re looking to buy a new laptop and asking, what now? The answer to “what should I get?” can be answered many ways. It all comes down to how you plan to use your new laptop. 

In this series, we’ll look at a variety of different uses, starting with the average, every day user. Someone who just wants to troll social media, make a few memes, write a paper and listen to music. If that’s you, or someone you know, read on for the top 5 categories you should look for in a laptop.


The processor is the brain of your computer, and will have a huge impact on your PC’s performance. AMD created the APU (accelerated processing unit) to cover your CPU and GPU needs in one chip, maximizing power while saving space and battery. For a reliable, simple laptop, look at our A series of APUs. This will give you the power and graphics you need, at a low cost. 


RAM (random-access memory) is what stores your most frequently used program instructions to increase your system’s speed. Budget systems usually come with 2GB, but we recommend 4-8GB of RAM for this scenario.

Storage Drive

This is pretty straight forward, as this is where everything on your computer is stored. If you’re looking for a PC to browse and save a few photos and songs, you don’t need a large amount of storage. Going with 250-500GB should suffice.


Battery Life

If you’re going to leave your laptop on a desk and plugged in, this isn’t important. If you plan to bring it on the go, you want to find a battery with 8+ hours of life. Watching movies and other videos will effect battery life, but simple browsing will extend the life of the laptop.

Graphics Chip

Graphics are important to your browsing experience, but you don’t need to go overboard! Lucky for you, Radeon graphics are built into every AMD APU, meaning you’ve got the same graphics gamers and creative professionals love without having to worry about choosing a laptop GPU. You’ll save money on this step and still get the performance you need.

With what we’ve listed, you should be set to make a purchase on a very reliable laptop. Follow these guidelines and you can get the performance you want without breaking the bank.

Come back soon, when we’ll talk work laptops!