Four Signs You Need a New Laptop

Blog Post created by nelstar15 on Feb 10, 2017

Knowing when to buy a new computer can be difficult, and upgrading with every wave of new hardware isn’t logical. Sometimes it just seems easier to ignore computer problems when they arise. We get used to the performance of our PC, learn to live with the laptop always plugged in, and just ignore that broken USB port. Anything to avoid the hassle of laptop shopping, right? Well, we say enough with the lagging track pad and missing space bar! It’s time to stop the denial. If one or more of these symptoms fit your PC, it’s time to upgrade:


Your PC is slow.

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When you first got your laptop, it was blazing fast, and started up in seconds. Now, you can brew a pot of coffee in the time it takes to boot. Performance may also tank when you’re browsing the internet. Multitasking is a thing of the past, gone are the glory days of streaming music, browsing Reddit, ordering a pizza and writing a paper all at once. Now you’re lucky if you can start a presentation and check your email at the same time.

While you can clean up your PC and gain some speed, most of the time the slowness is just a sign that your laptop has seen better days.



You’ve run out of space.
Running out of space is something you just can’t avoid. Eventually, all the cat pictures and random things you download eat away at your hard drive. Your hard drive is a very important piece to your computer, and filling it up can effect performance as well. If you have to delete 10 things just to download something else, you may need to start looking for a new laptop.

You can replace your hard drive, but when you get to the point that you’ve filled a large hard drive, it’s usually a sign to upgrade.




Your PC needs to be fixed regularly.
This is the most telling sign that you need to replace your laptop. There’s a time in a laptop’s life that everything starts breaking. You bring it to be fixed, and 3 days after you get it back something else needs to be fixed. When your PC has to be fixed multiple times, there could be many reasons. Different parts are failing, your storage is limited, or your parts are becoming obsolete. Sometimes, though, you can replace the parts, but this can be more expensive than a new system. In most cases, skip the upgrades, as it’s probably more efficient to get a new system. PCs have a life cycle, and many times, this is the last leg.

So, when you have to fix your laptop regularly, you need to replace it.






Your PC makes weird noises.
There are a lot of moving parts in a laptop. Fans, disk drives, and more can all get loose, or stop working the right way. When this happens, your laptop will start to make less than pleasant noises. While you may feel compelled to let it express its DJ prowess, resist the urge because it’s time to start looking for PC who’s rattling fan doesn’t outplay your speakers.

If you’ve noticed these signs of distress in your laptop, it’s probably time to retire it. Don’t fret, though! Buying a new laptop doesn’t have to be painful when you’ve got @AMDLaptop on your side. We find the best deals on AMD laptops and take the hard work out of shopping, so you can get back to making fire memes.