Meet The Members of Red Team Plus

Blog Post created by nelstar15 on Jan 3, 2017

We’ve battled long and hard to find the supreme AMD superfans, those that live, bleed and breathe red, and the new Red Team Plus has finally arrived. Made up of new and returning members, this team brings enthusiasm and strengths of epic proportions to the AMD community.


Meet the faces of the new Red Team Plus and read what they want you to know about themselves:


Dave (@Dav3Schneider)

Dave’s your average 22-year-old video game fanatic who would rather get a monitor tan than a real one. He works as a bartender, but makes time to stream for you!



Benedict (@SuperBen)

Benedict enjoys flying around the world both for work and fun! He’s a pc and video game enthusiast who’s not afraid to show it in his love for gadgets and emerging technology. He loves to play all video games: consoles, handhelds and PCs. If it’s a game, Benedict is going to play it. You can find him at SXSW, San Diego Comic-Con, and others! Follow Benedict’s adventures with #SuperBenTravels.



Craig (@PhartinDust)

A long-time gamer, Craig started building systems in 1995. He likes playing mostly RPG’s, First Person Shooters (FEAR series of games), and racing games (NFS and DiRT Rally). Craig works for Mepush and has an associate’s degree in Network Admin, along with CompTIA A+ and NET+ certifications.



Daniel (@iwalkwiththedead)

Daniel, also known as Dan, DMoney and iwalkwithedead, takes care of his mentally-challenged brother who is also a PC gamer. The first PC Daniel owned was in 2002 and was an Intel 133MHZ CUP, 32MB of EDO RAM with Windows® 98, 3GB HDD, CD Rom in an HP slim desktop case – and it was really slow! Over the years he got chances to update, but then he stopped. Daniel began Xbox gaming and ignored PCs until 2012, when he decided to sell the Xbox® 360 and get back into PC building. To Daniel now, PC is life, PC is love.



Dean (@J3SteR727)

Dean has been into computers, and gaming, for most of his life. From his early days playing on a ColecoVision and Atari 2600, to killing demons on Mars in DOOM on a PC, gaming has always been a part of what he loves. Dean began tinkering with computers in his early teens, when his family got an Intel 486 DX2 Packard Bell PC. One night, he decided he was brave enough to take apart the computer while everyone was asleep. After that, he was hooked and now claims to be a full-fledged techie! He builds systems, arcades, and even pinball tables. Dean loves all kinds of music and is the father of three amazing children.



Derrick (@DerrickGott007)

He is a systems technician for a large ISP and a lover of all things tech, especially AMD. Derrick is a member of the AMD stream team, streaming on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8:30PM CST. He’s not one to pass up free candy, so he thinks it’s a miracle he hasn’t been kidnapped yet.



Frank (@iamthesaga)

Frank was born and raised in the Chicago area. He is a husband, father, and lover of technology and music. He is fully invested in the PC enthusiast community and he believes that community is one of the best things he’s been a part of. Frank enjoys helping others in whatever way he can. Feel free to hit him up in the corners of the internet!



Ian (@tORN_TV)

Ian is Canadian by birth, of Danish decent and now lives in “Sin City” (as they call Las Vegas). He grew up around cars and trucks, which led him to spending most of his time either racing, customizing or painting them. He took his passion for speed and tinkering to computers back in the late 80s and hasn’t looked back since. In Ian’s opinion, OC’ing is truly just a hobby now, and his advice is never under-buy hoping to squeeze what you need out of something. The best place to find him is on the Twitterverse!



Janet (@janettwokay)

Janet is an engineer and a mom. She says that Ruby Slippers and Enchanted Glass Sneakers are in her bag of tricks.



Jeremy (@KelleyTech)

Jeremy is a father, husband, and a relative newcomer to the custom computer building arena. After seeing what his friend spent on a “custom” gaming computer and doing some research to find out it was a waste of money, he began building. The first computer he built had an AMD FX-6300 and XFX 6770 – he was hooked! Jeremy now builds, and rebuilds, from scratch regularly and has found some of his best friends that share the hobby of PC building.



Joe (@iWalkingCorpse)

Most people know Joe by his online handle, iWalkingCorpse. From researching specs to browsing builds and interesting gadgets, Joe lives, thinks, and breathes technology. He’s never happier than when he is broadening his knowledge on all things tech!



John (@jlahtinen)

John, or more often called WarpFact0r10, began his PC gaming journey with the original DOOM back in 1993. Prior to that, John loved console gaming on whatever system was available – Atari, ColecoVision, Nintendo, Sega and others. He has been a long-time proponent of AMD technology and is a proud member of Red Team Plus.



Johnny (@jweland_me)

First and foremost, Johnny is a husband and a father to his daughter. Johnny is a software engineer and a martial artist studying the art of Tang Soo Do. He is a gamer, a patriot, and has a bit of a superhero complex.



Lenny (@LennyA42)

An AMD fan since the early 90s, Lenny is a gaming moderator and one of the leaders of Fragging Frogs, a non-competitive gaming group at PC Perspective. You can find him on twitter as @lennya42, and in game as FFLenny.



Marissa (@Evil_Zoe)

Marissa is a creative thinker with a passion for video games and technology. She enjoys many types of games such as MMORPGs, FPS, action, adventure, and simulators. Collecting video games and attending game conferences are a few of her favorite hobbies. Marissa enjoys getting her hands on new technology and gadgets.



Nik (@Nik_Caven)

Nikolas is an avid overclocking enthusiast and likes tuning performance on a wide variety of different hardware. He loves playing video games and interacting with the community!



Renee (@Virgo4u86)

Renee is a 30-year-old living in Oklahoma and is a stay-at-home mother. She started gaming as a little girl and her favorite games to play are survival horror, action, adventure, FPS, MMO, and RPG. She loves going to events like PAX to meet gamers and help in the community. Renee streams on the AMD Twitch channel and does community streams when she can.



Shannon (@BioGenx2b)

Shannon is a variety gamer with a penchant for fighters and shooters. He’s been gaming since the age of four, and tinkering with PCs from as early as he could get his hands on one. Shannon became a firm AMD advocate when he built his first system in 2005. The rise of the PC gaming platform as a place where everyone can play together is what fuels him.


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